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NEM Nutrition™ Program - An Introduction

Adrenals highlighted in a body with NEM Nutrition™ ProgramNEM Nutrition™ Program is a holistic and natural approach to help the body overcome adrenal fatigue. This is developed by Dr. Lam through more than 2 decades of clinical research and successful outcomes helping people from around the world regain their vitality. Existing recovery approaches among clinicians varies greatly, and most are met with failure. Long term adrenal fatigue recovery remains elusive and unattainable by many, leading to a common misconception and myth that this condition is virtually impossible to overcome.

A comprehensive approach to adrenal fatigue recovery is largely under-investigated. In addition to a lack of medical knowledge on this condition to start, there are initially a plurality of clinical expressions. Mild adrenal fatigue often goes undetected. Symptoms arise intermittently under stress without clear consistency. Those who are symptomatic usually recover spontaneously within a short time. Sometimes self-navigation efforts can be fruitful. The body has adequate reserves and is able to tolerate more recovery trials and errors without crashes or setbacks.

Sufferers of advanced adrenal fatigue, on the other hand, can fair quite differently. It can become incapacitating. Some in advanced states may become couch-bound or even bedridden. Ambulatory assistance may be required. Proper recovery requires extensive experience, patience, and a systematic approach due to the body's depleted reserves and high levels of sensitivity.

Because many come to us as a last resort after conventional medicine and traditional naturopathic care has failed, we are exposed to many of the most severe cases of fatigue. Many are incapacitated and have lost their ability to enjoy life. Over the years, these sufferers have served to as our best teachers.

Our philosophical approach emphasizes that recovery starts with four foundational principles that are incorporated into a systematic personalized program of care. This program integrates conventional and holistic strategies to affect a comprehensive natural healing process called NeuroEndoMetabolic nutrition™ program. It is also commonly referred to as NEM Nutrition™ Program. To understand this therapy, it is first important to understand why the neuroendocrine and metabolic components of the body, as the name implies, are key pillars of this therapy.

The NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response

The NEM stress response represents an automated complex internal web of systems and organs linked to each other to form a functional network. Its job is to neutralize stress and provide the necessary safety net when stress threatens our survival. The NEM stress response is analogous to the main electrical circuit panel of your house. Within the panel are various groups of circuit breakers. Each breaker controls an area of the house. Collectively they can be tied to one another as well. The body’s neuroendocrine and metabolic components work the same way. Collectively, they act as the master circuit board to handle stress. There are two components to the NEM stress response.

The metabolic component of NEM Nutrition™ ProgramThe neuroendocrine (NE) component involves primarily the thyroid, adrenals, cardiovascular system, autonomic nervous system, brain, and GI tract. These six can be further grouped into three circuits: the hormonal, cardionomic, and neuroaffect circuits, respectively. The three circuits and six systems collectively are called the NE component.

The metabolic component involves primarily the thyroid, pancreas, liver, interstitium/extracellular matrix, GI tract, microbiome, and immune system. They are also arranged in three circuits: the bioenergetics, detoxification, and inflammation circuits. They are called into action at the same time as the NE component.

Both NE and metabolic components work concurrently and are inseparable from each other. What happens in one organ’s stress response will affect all other organs and systems because the body is one closed ecosystem that cannot be compartmentalized when stress arrives at the doorstep. The body’s response to stress is global in nature, utilizing various circuits and systems within the two major components of the NEM stress response as needed. In its infinite wisdom, the body decides which pathways to activate, which organs to rest, and which hormones to put into overdrive as the stress cascade is activated. This automatic process has served the survival of our species well.

NEM Nutrition™ Program and the NEM Stress Response

However, when stress is overwhelming or persistent, the NEM circuit breakers can start to malfunction. Disruption of any one or more of these two components (and six circuits) within the NEM stress response can lead to negative consequences. The degree of damage to the NEM stress response will determine the degree of the body’s overall weakness and clinical symptoms. In addition, the clinical presentation is heavily influenced by our genetic makeup and lifestyle choices. Everyone’s response to stress, therefore, is different. Some people can tolerate and in fact thrive on stress, whether physical or emotional. Others may have a nervous breakdown with the slightest insult. Everyone reaches a tipping point where the body is under too much stress to handle though. Ultimately, your body’s symptoms resulting from excessive stress reflect the health of your NEM stress response system.

The process of supporting and optimizing the NEM stress response when it has become dysfunctional is known as NEM Nutrition™ Program.

This approach has four foundational principles.

Four Principles of NEM Nutrition™ Program

Before we dive into the details and mechanics of NEM Nutrition™ Program, it is important to understand the philosophical basis of this holistic healing approach. It relies on four basic biological principles of natural medicine.

First, we believe the body is a closed ecosystem capable of self-maintenance and self-healing under normal circumstances. When this internal repair mechanism is overwhelmed by stressors, break down occurs. This is usually the result of excessive and/or chronic stress, either physical or emotional. The body then enters a state of decompensation, and symptoms surface as warning signs to us of internal derangement. Oftentimes, the weakest organ system of the body is the first one to give way. Those with constitutionally weak adrenals relative to other stronger organ systems may manifest adrenal fatigue. Those with cardiac weakness may manifest a heart attack, and those with a weak gastric system manifest a gastric ulcer, just to mention a few examples. This is one reason why some people can have severe stress but no adrenal fatigue. They may develop cardiac disease instead, if that is their weakest organ system.

arteries and veins along with the adrenals with NEM Nutrition™ ProgramOnce the downward decompensation cascade of one system is triggered, other systems become sequentially affected because they are all linked internally via many hormonal axes as well as the interstitium. It's like a domino effect. The result is a convolution of symptoms that can be overwhelming, involving many systems of the body concurrently. Thus, it is common to see insomnia, depression, arrhythmia, reactive hypoglycemia, irregular menses, and low thyroid function simultaneously in advanced adrenal fatigue. The weaker the adrenals, the more prevalent the symptoms. Each symptom, therefore, points us to the underlying system, circuit, or component that may be dysregulated. For example, symptoms such as reactive hypoglycemia are principally due to specific circuit dysfunction (in this case, the bioenergetics circuit of the metabolic component).

Second, while mild adrenal fatigue manifests itself predominantly as a lack of physical energy, advanced adrenal fatigue usually is also accompanied by emotional symptoms. This is because the body’s reaction to stress is to activate a biochemical response in an attempt to neutralize stress through multiple biochemical pathways. The most well studied is the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) hormonal axis and the variety of anti-stress chemical messengers associated with it, such as cortisol and adrenaline. Dysregulated responses from emotional states have a big impact on adrenal function. Mind-body reactions, as well as certain forms of hormonal imbalances, NEM nutrition™ deficiencies, or heavy metal toxicity, can produce a similar clinical picture. Target deranged systems include neurological, endocrinological, cardiac, psychiatric, and metabolic systems most commonly. A thorough knowledge of these systems from a basic science perspective is required. Each person's unique history, constitution, environment, emotions, and mental and nutritional states, in addition to the often convoluted symptoms, must be evaluated as a whole unit, instead of as independent parts, in order to grasp the overall picture. Ultimately, the best recovery solution needs to incorporate mental health balance in addition to physical support.

NEM Nutrition™ Program and symptomsThird, symptoms are our friends, not our enemies. Symptoms are the only way the body communicates with us to tell us what it wants us to do. Symptoms in our view should be allowed to manifest in a controlled environment with minimum discomfort. Many symptoms of adrenal fatigue such as salt cravings, hypotension, palpitations, adrenaline rushes, anxiety, and hypoglycemia tend to improve when the adrenals are returned to health. As long as the body is not in acute crisis, it should be gently supported while given a chance to heal itself. We gain insight into the body by observing along the body's symptoms during recovery.

This does not mean that unpleasant symptoms are allowed to continue unchecked. What it means is that we consciously avoid entering the trap of simply focusing on removal of symptoms only. With NEM nutrition, we keep our eyes continually on the big picture using symptoms to guide us and support the body’s internal healing process so it can become strong on its own and resist future insults.

Recovery plans driven by overzealous strategies that are symptoms-based rather than nurture-based are seldom successful long-term, and for good reason. The body is a perfectly balanced, closed system. Symptoms are signs of underlying dysfunction. When we suppress symptoms of one system or circuit, another system can easily be affected by the same root cause, often sub-clinically. In other words, suppressing symptoms of one organ system may trigger dysfunction of another system. Soon, symptoms become even more convoluted as one dysfunction is superimposed on another dysfunction that is a side effect of the recovery effort. We see this commonly in conventional medicine when the side effects from medications become a major problem. The more medications prescribed, the greater the risk of side effects.

Fourth, we listen to and educate ourselves at every opportunity. We monitor very closely the side effects and potential harm that can develop due to well-intentioned strategies because each body reacts differently. We recognize that it might be years before conventional medicine is of help. It is therefore imperative that each of us learns to take control of our health and self-navigate properly. We therefore start by focusing on educating each person about the type of body they have and what they have to learn to live with. We teach how to listen to and interpret the signs the body gives. We educate each individual on how to live harmoniously with their body while taking control of their health. We teach the pros and cons of using each tool in the toolbox along with the reason for its use and what negative effects to look for. We spend a great deal of energy educating rather than medicating.

To facilitate the educational process, we encourage sufferers to keep a personal journal. It is an important tool that can be used to interpret the body's signals in detail. It is a learning process. The serious student of our program faces their health issues with respect and finds recovery through a steady and enjoyable process. They will also find themselves well prepared for any roadblocks along the way, as trial and error is unavoidable due to the uniqueness of each individual’s situation.

Nine Steps of NEM Nutrition™ Program

Based on the four guiding principles discussed above, here are nine specific steps we use to formulate and personalize NEM Nutrition™ Program for each individual.

Personalizing your NEM Nutrition™ Program1. Know the body. We take the time to know the body and its constitutional state as it relates to the relevant circuit and system in depth. There is no shortcut for this vital foundational narrative methodology - it takes time. A detailed history with questions relevant to the body’s symptoms as it reacts to stress is required. Hundreds of questions are asked, each pointing to possible specific physiological or functional imbalances associated with a deranged stress response. This is a laborious process, seemingly slow, and very time-consuming. As the body changes, more questions are posed. It may take weeks to fully understand each body. Over time, the true picture of the body in real time emerges. The signs and symptoms do tell the story. The process of piecing and stitching together the picture takes extensive experience and someone on the alert for the subtle whispers of the body.

Insights gained from this process helps us to know where the body’s functional state is in real time. The body could be in a state of crash, recovering, or in a plateau state. This is important to know as it affects our strategic approach to therapy. This knowledge also helps us avoid the risk of future crashes, which are major setbacks for any recovery program. Overall, because of taking the initial time to understand the body, the total recovery time is shorter and more pleasant. Laboratory tests will also be used as needed, but they cannot replace a thorough, detailed history and knowing the body over time.

2. Determine the dominant circuit or system dysfunction. While NEM Nutrition™ Program is holistic, generally speaking, some dysfunctions recover best with lifestyle changes, while others require nutritional supplements. However, not all circuit or system dysfunctions can be repaired with nutrients. For example, proper adrenal breathing is best for rebalancing the cardionomic circuit rather than reliance on nutritional supplements or medications unless there is no alternative. It is important to identify each person's dominant, intrinsic, physical weakness in terms of circuits and systems involved. The body as one unit is only as strong as the weakest component, circuit, or organ system. The weakest part is also usually the first system to become symptomatic, and thus, the dominant dysfunction. Each person has one weakness that is uniquely more susceptible to insult from stress comparatively speaking. For some, the thyroid may be the biggest weakness, and low thyroid function may be the first sign of internal weakness. For others, it may be gastric discomfort. For still others, it may be the cardiac system, with hypertension as the first sign. The organ system with the most dominant dysfunction is also the weakest link to the entire recovery effort. Therefore, it is important to identify the dominant root cause. This is an important part of the NEM Nutrition™ Program approach.

It is not unusual for the sufferer to show numerous symptoms of underlying root dysfunction in other organ systems, including certain rare NEM nutrition™ deficiencies, some forms of heavy metal toxicity, and mind-body imbalances. This is perhaps why recovery can be so confusing. For example, some women have overwhelming ovarian weakness in addition to hormonal imbalances. While nutrients may support adrenal function and reduce this fatigue, the ovarian issues may continue to haunt the sufferer for years thereafter. Similarly, strategies that focus on rebalancing hormones may leave out the adrenal system, which is key to sustained recovery. Aborted and failed recoveries may ensue. PMS, hot flashes, and menstrual irregularities may improve, for example, but fatigue, brain fog, and other bothersome symptoms may remain.

Understanding what stage to start your NEM Nutrition™ Program3. Determine the stage of adrenal fatigue and its corresponding state of NEM stress response. We try our best to assess the body's state of function and thus the level of adrenal weakness. Adrenal fatigue in its mild form presents very differently clinically from its more advanced form. Symptoms of mild and early-stage adrenal fatigue may include insomnia, lack of energy, irritability, high blood pressure, salt cravings, anxiety, and weight gain. Symptoms of advanced adrenal fatigue, however, can include hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, heart palpitations, weight loss, severe depression, and menstrual irregularities. Inappropriate selection of recovery tools is a common occurrence as many use the same tools previously successful in mild adrenal fatigue and find they backfire as adrenal weakness progresses. The right tools for early-stage adrenal fatigue can actually worsen those in more advanced stages. NEM Nutrition™ Program also will change along with the body as it recovers.

Tools are simply facilitators of our goals. Regardless of what tools are used, the underlying strategies and concepts governing deployment must be well understood in order for the ultimate goal to be reached effectively. This is seldom studied and emphasized. Yet without a clear conceptual strategy on how and when to use these tools clinically, they can be easily misused with undesirable results. Knowing the degree of NEM imbalance or dysregulation will help us to formulate the kind of tools to use. However, there is no one best tool that works all the time. As the body changes, the choice of tools has to change. Each tool is valuable in its own right, and the body's unique response varies greatly from person to person. Tools found within NEM Nutrition™ Program arsenal are all natural in order to provide the proper support when a body is fragile, as well as strengthen the body when it is well on its way in recovery. What is beneficial for one person may be toxic for another, and indeed, may even be negative for the same person during the course of recovery as the body changes in its state of function.

4. Prioritize. We prioritize and time our moves in accordance with the body's readiness. Most people with advanced adrenal fatigue have multiple convoluted issues concurrently involving many organs. NEM Nutrition™ Program is an all encompassing program. The entire body’s stress response, with its 6 circuits and 12 systems, are attended to . Prioritizing our approach allows us to formulate a NEM Nutrition™ Program plan systematically and not lose sight of what is important at any point in time. We find that the best way to facilitate sustained recovery is to support the body's return to normal function, one step at a time. After each improvement in energy, we allow time for the body to adapt and use the time wisely to prepare for the next move. It is like climbing a set of stairs - slowly and surely, one step at a time. Improvements that happen too aggressively or too quickly an may indeed be a danger sign as they are usually followed by subsequent crashes. Our preference is a gradual, steady, and enjoyable pace of recovery rather than one dominated by periods of euphoria followed by setbacks. Such a pattern can worsen the overall condition and retard the entire recovery process.

Tailoring your NEM Nutrition™ Program along the way to health5. Tailor the velocity of change. While it may appear to be common sense that a weak body must be cared for more gently than a strong one, such is seldom the reality in clinical medicine. When a fragile person presents with many complaints, the automatic conventional response is to deploy the strongest of chemicals to affect the fastest recovery possible. This makes sense on the surface, but often backfires. We often see overaggressive use of prescription steroids to “stabilize” the body by well-intentioned practitioners. Such heroic efforts, unfortunately, can have negative long-term effects, such as the body rejecting the measures, crashing, or developing tolerance. It must be remembered that all external compounds, whether natural or otherwise, have to be broken down by the body and made bio-available to cells for functional repair to occur. A body that is weak may not be able to assimilate these compounds properly. Toxic metabolites and adverse reactions may surface, leading to crashes, exaggerated responses, and paradoxical reactions. While there are times when aggressive therapy can cause a “breakthrough”, our experience has shown that the best way to affect a sustained and smooth recovery long-term for a body under severe stress is by systematically planning the recovery in line with the velocity of recovery that is tolerated. NEM Nutrition™ Program’s focus is not simply patching superficial symptoms but on addressing the root dysfunction.

In other words, the weaker the body, the slower the recovery velocity should be. This is not only counter-intuitive, but it is also not usually welcomed by demanding sufferers who wish to recover quickly. Yet this we must consider in order to allow the body sufficient time to prepare and build a solid foundation for take off. The longer one spends practicing and warming up, so to say, the more ready the body is when the race starts. Rushing in too aggressively with well-intentioned efforts is a common clinical mistake. Determining the velocity of change the body can tolerate and matching it with the proper level of support is key. The problem is that this is a qualitative and subjective assessment, and few have enough experience to see the big picture or determine with confidence the proper velocity needed. Thus, the default is to start with standard doses, frequencies, and delivery systems that may not be appropriate for the body.

We are very careful about taking the time to assess this matter because the right thing done at the wrong speed can worsen the condition. In addition, as a body changes during the recovery effort, the velocity may also change. When the time calls for more aggressive measures, and the body is able to handle them, a slow velocity may impair the speed of recovery and delay the recovery process.

NEM Nutrition™ Program requires a balanced approach6. Maintain a balance between managing the needs of circuits and systems. Remember that there are 6 circuits along with 12 systems that overall modulate the body’s NEM stress response. NEM Nutrition™ Program address this in totality. In addition to prioritizing which part to work on at what time, a balance between working on circuits (which tend to be more general and thus less intense) and systems (for more specific symptoms control) needs to be established. A weak body may not be able to tolerate a system change, no matter how gentle it is, until the larger circuit is healthy. It is very hard, for example, turn a body toward sustained recovery by focusing on the thyroid system (even though all laboratory and clinical signs point to thyroid imbalance) without also balancing concurrent support for the hormonal circuit. On the other hand, supporting the overall hormonal circuit as a whole unit by providing the body with what it needs to rebalance itself may lead to a spontaneous reduction of symptoms of thyroid function imbalance.

One must be aware that the right balance cannot be indicated by laboratory results alone. In fact, an abnormality in laboratory results can mislead the practitioner into thinking they have found the “smoking gun.” Such is the case with many sufferers commonly diagnosed with hypothyroidism and immediately put on thyroid replacements for low energy because all laboratory studies point to that. Unfortunately, many do not do well over time. The key is not to minimize the importance of thyroid support, but to understand that thyroid support without hormonal circuit support often results in blunted and ultimately failed recovery. The knee-jerk approach to increase doses when face by such a situation is a common clinical strategy that often leads to a state of feeling “wired and tired.” Until a proper balance between circuit and system support is achieved, the body will often continue to rebel and punish those who don't listen.

7. Use challenges to gauge responses. We use qualitative challenges to gain insight into the body's responses prior to selecting tools from the recovery toolbox in order to encourage healing with the most gentle and nurturing nutrients possible.

A thorough knowledge and understanding of each challenge is essential. Both positive and negative responses provide valuable information. NEM Nutrition™ Program deploy various qualitative challenges during the recovery process to accuately gauge the body’s response in real time. Proper nutrient selection matching the body's need is critical and is based on challenge results. Each nutrient has its own positive and negative characteristics as it relates to each person's specific constitution. The best nutrient for one person can be toxic to another. This is very different from drugs where single, predictable pathways are the predominant mode of action in most situations. Even well-intentioned, experienced clinicians using natural compounds are often blindsided during the recovery process by an ever-changing body. We, however, remain aware of the changing needs of the body throughout the recovery process. Likewise, we are mindful of each nutrient's strength and weakness and are always open-minded and on the lookout for alternative solutions.

Medications may be needed from time to time to affect this, but in most cases, the body does a lot better with nurturing natural compounds whenever possible. A major difference between medications and natural compounds is that the later work through many different pathways simultaneously, while prescription drugs tend to be much more direct and focused on select pathways.

NEM Nutrition™ Program monitoring8. Closely monitor the body’s changes. Successful NEM Nutrition™ Program requires the body to be closely monitored by following a listening-focused, narrative approach with thorough follow-ups. Due to the lack of definitive objectives and quantitative tests in real time to assess the NEM stress response, the recovery process is best described as trying to cross a river with numerous rapids. You have to feel your way through, slowly and carefully. NEM Nutrition™ Program calls for taking many secured small steps without mishaps, one at a time, to facilitate this. We are constantly evaluating and updating our assessment. We get as close to real-time bodily reactions as possible by paying attention to the various signs and symptoms the body exhibits every day. We are especially attentive to how a body performs under challenges and reacts under stress.

Because of this, NEM Nutrition™ Program is unique. Its listening-focused, narrative-based approach has been the norm for centuries in medical practice, but it is now an endangered art form in modern clinical medicine, which often over-relies on investigative modalities. The most astute healthcare practitioners today will use many investigative tools, but the final decision is usually based on careful history, clinical insight, and experience. In the case of adrenal fatigue, this is even more important.

9. Patience. Biological change takes time. The body is not a light switch that can be mechanically turned on and off at will. We use gentle methodologies, lifestyle changes, and nutrients to facilitate internal change at the cellular level to ensure that this change is long-term and sustainable without crashes.

Fatigue may be a sign of underlying NEM stress response dysfunction. The ultimate recovery goal of NEM Nutrition™ Program is to restore. Therefore, it must focus on the entire NEM stress response holistically cand currently and not on an individual circuit or system dysfunction, even though it may be counterintuitive.

Many do show signs of improvement within a reasonable period of time. Three months is usually the minimum amount of time required to fully understand the body in great detail and give the program a chance to work. As long as the body cooperates, most report great improvement, usually within three months or less. Too fast an improvement is often undesirable, as it is commonly followed by crashes. A gradual improvement is best. Sometimes a bit more fatigue can be experienced as the body recovers. If no improvement at all is noted over time, there is often a very good underlying reason. No amount of water can put out a fire if oil is being added quietly on the side. For those in this category, more patience is needed so that a systematic approach can be deployed to uncover the underlying cause. Most of the time, the hidden reason is clear if one looks deep enough. Those who focus on understanding their body will likely find it, and we try to facilitate that process.

We tend to say goodbye to those who are too focused on a speedy recovery as the primary goal. While it is relatively easy to stimulate the body to enhance energy output, it is likely to eventually backfire, and the overall condition can worsen if the root cause is never uncovered and dealt with properly. If recovery is a race to the finish line, NEM Nutrition™ Program is akin to running at a steady pace towards the finish line, feeling fresh at the end, and enjoying the race along the way. It is not a sprint to the finish line followed by collapse.

NEM Nutrition™ Program recoveryIt is not unusual for to see significant changes few months into the program and not before. Our experience informs us that, if the focus is on helping the body heal itself through NEM Nutrition™ Program, it will in time stop punishing healing efforts and start rewarding them in most cases. That is the beauty of allowing the body to heal itself. Sadly, for some, this may take longer than patience allows. A few months is a short time to repair a body that has suffered decades of harm. Not only that, but for many, a strong component of hard-to-change personality traits may be involved.

A few months is a short time to repair a body that has suffered decades of harm. Not only that, but for many, a strong component of hard-to-change personality traits may be involved overly focusing on trying to explain every single symptom or physiological pathway may be a good psychological exercise for the ego, but often it increases anxiety, drains the body of limited reserves, and retards recovery. All are undesirable. There is a huge gap between the quest for scientific understanding for academic purposes and getting well, which is the primary goal of recovery. Those that recover fastest are generally those who follow our instructions closely and spend their energy doing what they enjoy in life in a balanced way, stopping to smell the flowers along the way.

Lastly, we are mindful of our limitations. NEM Nutrition™ Program’s natural orientation is not as a cure-all. Proper NEM Nutrition™ Program in the right hands can facilitate, but not mandate, what the body does. We can affect recovery only as fast as the body will permit it to affect a long-term, sustained return to health, and every body's speed is different. Some will do well in a short time, while others may take a longer preparation period to set the body on a course of feeling better. Those who are older or constitutionally weaker often face the biggest challenges. In these cases, we practice patience, and we are constantly on the lookout for alternative methodologies.


NEM Nutrition™ Program is a unique holistic approach to help the body restore internal neuroendocrine and metabolic balance and neutralize stress. It integrates the best of conventional and natural healing processes. Its single focus is to deploy natural strategies that listen to and satisfy the body’s needs based on its own cries for help, rather than attempting to force the body to respond to our wishes without considering its state of function or ability to do so. We believe in accommodating the body's requests whenever possible. The problem is that most of us do not know how to listen to our body.

The natural process of healing with the NEM Nutrition™ ProgramOur experience shows us that the body in most cases is capable of its own healing if given the proper tools. We are facilitators of this process. NEM Nutrition™ Program’s approach to adrenal fatigue recovery and stress control calls for a focus on the whole person by integrating detailed tracking of individual needs with carefully considered methods designed to holistically support the interconnected systems of the body as a whole.

We take an extensive history. At the outset, we strive to understand each individual body's internal workings and the root cause of dysfunction. We then determine the dominant dysfunction by various qualitative and quantitative tools. We confirm our thesis by using challenges as needed along the way. We determine the right velocity of change necessary to effect sustained improvement. We then embark on a program to help the NEM stress response re-establish the optimum balance between its components, circuits, and systems. We avoid a symptom-suppression approach, which often backfires.

We endeavor to make the sufferer as comfortable as possible without sacrificing our focus on the big picture. We prioritize our strategies to effect a gradual and sustained recovery that is crash-free. Because the body is ever changing, our approach calls for sustained close monitoring to assess the body's biological state continuously, so recommendations are made as close to real-time as possible. Laboratory testing is used when needed.

NEM Nutrition™ Program is successful NOT because of some magical potion or drug. It works because the focus is on giving the body what it wants in a way that is natural, personalized, and gradual, watching for the body's responses through its signs and symptoms. The body’s amazing healing power is thus given a chance to thrive.

Along with recovery, our goal is to teach each person how to listen to their own body, how to live with it post recovery, and how to prevent recurrence in the future.

Finally, we are patient in our approach, giving the body ample time to recover. We do not attempt to force the body to function at a level that it is not prepared to. We take the time to ensure each new step toward recovery is taken at just the right time, in accordance with the body’s natural pace of healing.

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