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Bone Morphogenetic Protein: The Newest Fix for Bone Health Issues?

The health of your bones and joints depends on two things: remodeling and regeneration. This lifelong process involves the removal of mature bone material from your skeleton while new bone tissue is formed. It also involves the process of replacing and reshaping bone when you encounter a fracture or injury to your skeletal system. Bone […]
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EEG and Stress: Could an EEG Help Determine Your Stress Levels?

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that allows your doctor to view your brain’s electrical activity. It does this via electrodes attached to various places on your scalp. Although usually used to detect whether someone has epilepsy, it is also often used to help determine the presence of a brain tumor, stroke, brain damage, brain […]
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9 Practical Stress Relief Tips That Work

You already know what stress feels like. You may feel edgy, moody, agitated, frustrated, overwhelmed, and/or as if you are losing control. And depending on what is causing your stress, doing things for stress relief may seem difficult, especially when it seems like you have no time. But taking time to provide your mind and […]
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A Guide to Truffle Oil: Health Benefits and 3 Ways to Cook With It

As more and more Americans go back to cooking healthy foods from scratch, interest is also increasing in finding new ways to experiment with herbs and spices in new recipes. Likewise, more people are trying out different oils for cooking and adding to foods. Oils infused with other flavors are an especially interesting way to […]
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The Difference Between Tiredness and Fatigue: When It's Serious

Struggling with tiredness and fatigue? These complaints are more common than you might think. We often dismiss feeling tired, or try to bury it with caffeine or sugar. But ignoring or avoiding this feeling is not the way to make it go away. The truth is that these two are not the same. Tiredness is a […]
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The Truth of Liver Detox Protocols: Should You Try It?

Considering a liver detox? The liver performs over 500 essential functions in your body. So, when it’s unhealthy, there’s no way that you can feel and perform at your best. It makes sense to give your liver some TLC. However, there's a lot of controversy about whether liver detoxes are the best way to do […]
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The Top 10 Surprising Macadamia Nuts Benefits

You probably already know that nuts carry a number of different health benefits. They’re full of healthy fats and help with appetite management. But if you haven't tried macadamia nuts, you're missing out. These round, creamy nuts are tasty, go well in many recipes, and have some important health benefits as well. If you’re thinking […]
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How to Take Care of Your Gut Bacteria

Each and every one of us have something in common – we all have gut bacteria. If you didn't, you would have a problem! Not long ago, we thought of all bacteria as bad. But now we know that these bacteria, known as your microbiome, play a major role in supporting your health. And maintaining […]
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The Science Behind the Fasting Mimicking Diet: Could It Help You?

In the last few years, we’ve seen a huge rise in the popularity of fasting. And, along with that rise in popularity, there’s been an increase in scientific studies regarding its efficacy as a weight-loss method as well as for its different health benefits. Recently, the fasting mimicking diet (FMD) has come into the spotlight […]
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Stress and Mental Health: A Critical Link and 10 Tips to Get It Under Control

Getting stressed once in a while is a normal part of everyday life. Your body was built to handle it. But sometimes your stress level can get so out of hand that it takes a big toll on your health, both physical and mental. We usually focus on the physical effects of stress, but in […]
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