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Healing From Obesity and Gut Bacteria

Categories: Adrenal Health, Gastrointestinal Health, Infections and Toxins, Metabolic Health, Microbiome, Weight Management

It almost sounds like a futuristic scene out of some sci-fi fantasy film—scientist modifies bacteria and changes obesity and gut bacteria for the better. As crazy as it may sound, Dr. Jonathan Mark Brown and his team at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Rese …

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How Protein Benefits Your Adrenal Glands and Prevents Adrenal Fatigue

Categories: Adrenal Health, Diet, Food, Gastrointestinal Health, Men's Health, Metabolic Health, Women's Health

When it comes to your nutritional needs, you cannot afford to underestimate the value of protein. You may not realize it, but protein benefits your overall health, most especially your adrenal function. In fact, it allows your body to cope better in ti …

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Managing IBS: Lifestyle and Stress

Categories: Gastrointestinal Health, Inflammation

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a debilitating, uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing condition. Managing IBS can be as difficult as dealing with its symptoms, and some people experience constant fluctuations in their health because of it. This i …

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Homeopathy: Cellular Detoxing

Categories: Adrenal Health, Detoxification, Immune Health, Infections and Toxins, Metabolic Health

These days, we’re constantly exposed to toxins. They’re all around us—in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and even, the water we drink. We’re even exposed to toxins in our homes. Over time, these toxins accumulate in your body and may cause a varie …

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Volumetrics Diet

Categories: Adrenal Health, Diet, Food, Gastrointestinal Health, Weight Management

Everywhere you look in society today, you are constantly bombarded with advertisements, billboards, images, and programs aimed at helping you lose or brining you optimal health. Unfortunately, a lot of diet plans still focus on obsessing over calories …

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Supercharge Your Health With Healthy Meal Planning

Categories: Adrenal Health, Diet, Food

When it comes to preparing homemade meals, there are times when most of you often stare at the refrigerator wondering what to cook? If you are already hungry or are in a hurry, then you might end up with instant foods. All you need to do is just cook t …

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The Truth of Starchy Vegetables: Are They Good or Bad?

Categories: Diet

Let’s face it. Starchy veggies have gotten a bad reputation. The world has become obsessed with avoiding carbs no matter what form they come in. It can be confusing, as many veggies are also starches. We are being told to eat our vegetables, but then w …

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New Hope for Parkinson’s Disease Sufferers

Categories: Men's Health, Women's Health

It is estimated that about 10 million people across the globe suffer from Parkinson’s disease. In the United States alone, approximately 60 000 are diagnosed with the disease each year and this accounts only for those in which the disease has been conf …

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Dr. Lam’s June Webinar: How To Recover From Adrenal Fatigue

Categories: Miscellaneous

Watch Dr.Lam’s latest webinar right here. We cover these topics: 3 facts about adrenal fatigue 3 recovery mistakes 3 keys to adrenal fatigue recovery Make sure you call our office for the Adrenal Fatigue Starter Kit as well. This essential package incl …

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Fisetin: The Superfruit of Your Strawberry Season

Categories: Brain Health, Diet, Food, Recipes

As springtime and summer approaches, fresh fruits start to become abundant in farmers markets and grocery stores. One such gem that is looked forward to is the strawberry. Vibrantly red in appearance, sweet and tart, juicy and delicious is the fruit of …

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