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How Healthy Are Air-Fried Foods?

You may love it, loathe it, or not do it at all - but everyone can agree that cooking is an important part of life. It’s an activity you start your day with and generally end your day off with. And even if you avoid cooking completely, you still eat the results - prepared foods. […]
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Benzene Exposure: Sources, Risks, and Management

Studies estimate that nine million people around the world die every year from pollution. That’s not surprising, considering the numerous sources of various toxic chemicals today. One such chemical is benzene, which has caught the eye of health bodies worldwide because of its multiple health risks. This article reviews the sources of benzene in the […]
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The Top 23 Botanicals for Healthy Blood Pressure

Many factors can lead to high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, a condition that more than half the adult US population contends with in some way. It is also one of the most common, yet preventable, risks of heart disease. Modern medicine tends to try and address high blood pressure using manufactured medications. Unfortunately, […]
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EVOO Benefits: 7 Ways Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Protect Your Health

If you have been perusing wellness sites and stores, you may have come across a product that goes by the name of EVOO. It's not a strange and foreign health product - EVOO is simply the shortened term for extra virgin olive oil. The use of EVOO has expanded dramatically from being used as a tasty […]
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Is the Brain Structure Affected By Steroid Use? Study Says Yes

It's typical for healthcare providers to prescribe patients steroids for alleviating the symptoms of various inflammatory conditions. However, steroids have their benefits and drawbacks. While they can effectively offer relief, they can also cause unpleasant side effects. Researchers recently found the problem of the brain structure affected by steroid use. The brain can be affected […]
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Hazards of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Safe Alternatives

Soft drinks, juices, and sweetened dairy drinks are popular choices of beverages due to their availability and taste. An estimated 63% of adults in America have at least one of these drinks daily, with the statistics for adolescents closely behind. But while these beverages may be tasty, research suggests a link between them and many […]
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What Causes Dry Skin and How to Manage It

Dry skin is a widespread condition that can affect anyone at any age. Your skin may feel rough, itchy, flaky, or scaly. Numerous factors can contribute to it, such as cold or dry weather, sun exposure, harsh soaps, and overbathing. Also known as xerosis or xeroderma, there are several ways to manage this condition, but […]
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How to Decide Which Oils to Cook With: A Guide to 14 of the Most Common Cooking Oils

For years, health gurus have claimed fats were bad for you - all fats, no matter their source. Yet the truth is that fat is an essential part of a healthy diet. While this does not mean you consume large quantities of fat, you most certainly can opt for healthier fat options. And this includes […]
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Chemosensory Dysfunction: Coping With Loss of Smell and Taste

William Shakespeare wrote that “…a rose, by any other name, would still smell as sweet.” But in people with chemosensory dysfunction, this rose could smell very different indeed. Food may taste different, and things may no longer smell the same as they did before chemosensory dysfunction appeared. And while losing your sense of smell or […]
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Adrenal Fatigue: Is This Condition a Myth or a Reality?

Do you feel tired all the time? Or you just can’t get a good night’s rest? Perhaps you have some kind of brain fog? Maybe you even get anxious and depressed from time to time? You may have a condition known as adrenal fatigue. There has been much talk lately about this condition, with many […]
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