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Brown Fat: Its Role In Insulin, Metabolism, and How to Activate It

Body fat is an important part of your body composition and is vital for optimal body functioning. Unfortunately, many individuals overlook the important role of body fat and focus only on its negative qualities. Fat is not just something that makes you overweight. In your body, there are different types of fat. One of these […]
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Winter Fatigue: What Causes It and How to Get Back Your Energy

It’s not unusual to feel like you are running on limited energy during winter. You may feel tired and can’t quite explain the source. Chances are, you could be suffering from winter fatigue. This condition sets in during the wintertime and robs you of your energy. There are reasons that some people are more likely […]
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Improve Your Supplement Knowledge: An Overview

You've heard of these supplements, but they aren't all good for you. Having a working supplement knowledge base is key for choosing the best supplements to help support your health without causing potentially dangerous side effects. This basic background info can guide your choices. Supplement Knowledge: 5 Considerations Before Starting A New Supplement These are […]
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Die Off Symptoms: Why You Feel Worse Before You Feel Better and What to Do About It

Have you, or someone you know, ever had a yeast, parasite, or bacterial infection and, after taking prescribed medications, ended up feeling even worse? We refer to this as "die off". Although this does not occur often, it is more common than you think. But what is die off, why does it make you feel […]
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Psychedelics for Mental Health: The Truth Behind It

Psychedelics are substances that have a substantial effect on the brain. These drugs are often known as mind-expanding or psychedelics. Many people unfamiliar with psychedelics don't see what they have to offer. Psychedelics for mental health have a strong potential to induce intense states of consciousness, including altered states in perception and spiritual experiences. They […]
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HIIT Exercise: Reaping Maximum Exercise Benefits in Minimal Time

Exercising is well known to have several health and wellness benefits. Although this is common knowledge in society today, many people still don’t exercise enough. One of the biggest excuses for insufficient physical inactivity is lack of time. However, with HIIT exercise, people can enjoy the benefits of physical activity in minimal time. Here, we […]
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Hormone Pellet Therapy: Is It Safe? What Are The Alternatives?

Menopause! That time in a woman’s life when her hormones go haywire, hot flashes abound, mood swings hit you unexpectedly, and you see an increase in fat around the belly without knowing why. And these are just a few of the symptoms. All this happens because, essentially, your hormones are no longer in a state […]
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The Mother Grain: 6 Amazing Quinoa Benefits

People are always looking for ways to improve their diet. One of the recent trends is the adoption of quinoa into diet plans. This is not surprising, considering the several reported quinoa benefits. While this practice is only just gaining popularity in the United States, it has been a familiar concept to South American natives […]
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Effective Strategies for Improving Male Fertility

Are you struggling to conceive a child? Male fertility is an issue that few people talk about, but it is more common than you might think. The key to overcoming these difficulties and starting your family is to get help as soon as possible if you think you may have an issue. There are several […]
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Plant Based Protein: Pros, Cons, and Research

Eating less meat has some advantages. It can be good for your health and for the planet. It’s also a great way to save a little extra money on your groceries, as alternatives can be very cost effective. Lots of people are trying to eat less meat or avoid meat entirely these days, moving to […]
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