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Anti Inflammatory Diet

An Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Gut Health, Belly Fat, and Hormones

There’s been a trend towards adopting an anti-inflammatory diet, and this is with good reason. More and more, inflammation is appearing as the root cause of many health complications, including obesity. It creates the kind of environment that weakens the body’s defenses while triggering or worsening illnesses. Even hormonal health and cardiovascular health are linked […]
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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: How to Get Rid of Inflammation in the Body

Many of the illnesses and conditions that plague the human race are said to be triggered by chronic inflammation. To figure out how to get rid of inflammation in the body we first have to explore exactly what inflammation is. Inflammation is essentially our body trying to keep us safe; a key player in the […]
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How An Inflammatory Diet Can Degrade Your Health

Cancer is one of the killer diseases facing the world today. To date, researchers have identified over 200 types of cancer and more extensive studies are in progress. Among the different types of cancer, colorectal ranks second in terms of number of deaths. An inflammatory diet contributes to unhealthy inflammation, which can lead to a […]
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How To Heal Your Gut With The Microbiome Diet

The gut microbiome is finally getting center-stage, as it should, in many health and medical science circles. That’s why we want to cover the microbiome diet: A three-phase diet developed by Dr. Raphael Kellman, a board-certified physician who specializes in gut health. Your gut microbiome is a combination of different microorganism strains, some beneficial and […]
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The Importance of a Healthy Gut Bacteria Diet: A Guide

Gut Diet Your digestive tract, along with many other parts of your body, is populated with trillions of microorganisms. Most of these microorganisms consist of as many as 40,000 different bacterial strains. Indeed, approximately 90% of the cells in your body are not human, but consist of these microorganisms, mostly bacteria. These bacterial cells are […]
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