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The Gut-Brain-Skin Axis Connection and Your Health

As many cells as the human body contains, it has over ten times that number of microbes. The body’s genetic material is largely made up of microbes and not the human genome. These microbes are comprised of fungi, viruses, and bacteria that inhabit the body, making it its habitat. As such, this creates a balanced […]
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The Top 9 Vegan Protein Powder Varieties

A vegan diet cuts out all the animal foods that many of us typically associate with protein. And while plant foods have plenty of protein, it can be hard to get enough from high-fiber foods like broccoli or legumes alone. This is where vegan protein powder comes in. There are several effective options. We discuss […]
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Vitamin B1: Can This Workhorse Vitamin Prevent Migraines?

Vitamin B1 was the first B vitamin to be isolated by scientists back in 1926. Today, about a century later, the vitamin has garnered a lot of medical research interest. Scientists have recently uncovered a possible link between vitamin B1 and migraines. But what is the basis for this link, and does it really work? […]
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Herbs and Supplements for Sleep Support During Perimenopause

Sleep challenges are something many of us will experience at some point in our lives. Whilst sleep challenges are brought on by many different causes such as stress and anxiety, there are some lesser-known causes of sleep challenges. One of these causes in women is brought on by perimenopause. This article will explore the reasons […]
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Food Allergy vs Food Intolerance: What's Causing A Reaction

Food allergy, food sensitivity, and food intolerance are all a form of reaction to ingested food, but their causes differ, and so should how you address them. These conditions may have symptoms that mirror each other, so they are often mistaken for each other. It’s important to be able to tell them apart in order […]
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Study Finds Link Between Dementia and Nightmares

Dementia and nightmares are both undesirable conditions all on their own.  And new research shows there may be an unlikely relationship between the two. A study on sleep issues and dementia shows that adults with more nightmares and bad dreams may be several times more likely to develop dementia. But what could cause this link? […]
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Study Suggests A Cancer-Microbiome Connection

Your microbiome plays a vital role in multiple health issues. While many healthcare providers in holistic medicine have considered gut health as one of the most important factors in addressing health issues, conventional medicine may have started seeing the light, especially with increasing literature highlighting the cancer-microbiome connection. Studies suggest that your microbiome may both […]
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A Guide to Healthy Eating Basics: 5 Food Groups and How Much You Need of Each

Food is more than just the fuel needed to give your body energy to function. It also provides the nutrients needed to carry out many vital functions in the brain, organs, muscles, bones, cells, and more. Healthy eating provides us with these nutrients. Healthy eating does not mean you need to subsist on a diet […]
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The Hard Truth About Fecal Microbiota Transplantation

Your gut microbiome, or the balance of bacteria in your gut, plays a huge role in your health. When you experience dysbiosis, or an imbalance of this bacteria, it can lead to a host of health problems, including abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhea. A Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) is an unorthodox but highly successful procedure […]
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The Green Mediterranean Diet: Pros and Cons

Whether you are on a weight loss journey, simply want to fuel your body the right way, or want to try something different for your personal well-being, trying healthy diet plans may help. The green Mediterranean diet, also known as the green Med diet, is growing in popularity and appears to have several health benefits. […]
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