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Hormone Circuit

Hormones control hundreds of reactions in your body. They are signalling molecules that tells your body when and how to behave.
Three vital organs in the Hormone Circuit are:
Adrenal Glands
Thyroid Glands
Reproductive Organs
These three organs produce over 50 hormones to help regulate the body. They support your metabolism, provide energy to your body, aid in reproduction, and much more.
For a full in-depth explanation on what the hormone circuit is, read this article here.

How Does It Affect You?

When the hormone circuit is out of balance, many ugly symptoms can arise. Here is just a short list of many symptoms and conditions that you can experience.

Do You Think You Have Hormone Circuit Imbalance?

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What You Can Do About It

If you have hormone circuit imbalance, It is important to find out what is the dominant organ that is at the root of the problem. Once you identify the dominant organ, then steps can be taken to rectify the problem.

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