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Mental Health Diet

The Challenges of Managing Appetite - How You Can Hack Your Brain To Help You Lose Weight

This new discovery linking behavioral and substance addiction with obesity can help you in managing appetite, losing weight, and getting fit.

Fight Back Against Sugar Addiction with Low or No Carb Diet

Discover exactly how a high sugar, high fat differs from a low to no carb diet with respect to the brain and how they affect cognitive functions.

The Ketogenic Diet and AFS

Cutting fats out completely leads to health problems, but balance can be restored when good fats are incorporated and utilized in the ketogenic diet.

Benefits of Brain Boosting Minerals

A recent Australian study showed that women can increase the brain boosting minerals iron and zinc to help improve mental function.

10 Amazing Foods for Better Brain Health

If you want to be happier and healthier, learn how to support and protect your brain health by adding these 10 tasty treats to your diet.

Can a High Fat Diet Change Your Brain?

A high fat diet alters your gut microbiome that can induce changes in brain function. Read here to find out more.


Diets come and go like the changing of the seasons. But every once and awhile a diet comes along that is worth considering. Is MIND diet one of them?

Gluten and Brain Health: Secret Symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten sensitivity affects our bodies in many ways. But do you know what it could be doing to your brain? Learn more on symptoms of gluten and brain health.

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