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Heart Health Diet

Five Lessons on Eating from the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is not a restrictive plan but an easy-going way of life. Stop the dieting craziness and enjoy the food that you are eating today.

Why You May Want to Consider a Plant Based Diet

A plant based diet can help fight cancer, eliminate inflammation, prevent weight gain, decrease chances of cardiovascular disease, and more. Learn how.

Is the Vegan Diet Right for You?

A new wave of dieting has spring upon the world over the last few years. The vegan diet is said to have promising results, but is it right for you?

Is a Vegetarian Diet Right for You?

A vegetarian diet has many health benefits, but understanding the pros, cons, and different types of vegetarianism is key to making this path work for you.

Obesity, The Main Risk Factor for New Onset AFib

Latest victim of the obesity crisis: Studies on this topic show a close correlation between obesity and the incidence of new-onset AFib.

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