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Understanding NEM Nutrition™ Program Concepts


The NEM Response and Symptoms Of Stress

Your body was made to handle acute stress from time to time. It is equipped with different organs and systems that respond to stress, and it is always trying to regain or maintain homeostasis. Together, these organs and systems form your NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response. If you notice the symptoms of stress we’ll cover in […]
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NEM Nutrition™ Program - An Introduction

NEM Nutrition™ Program is a holistic and natural approach to help the body overcome adrenal fatigue. This is developed by Dr. Lam through more than 2 decades of clinical research and successful outcomes helping people from around the world regain their vitality. Existing recovery approaches among clinicians varies greatly, and most are met with failure. […]
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NEM Component Dominance: Stages of Stress

The two major components of the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response, the neuroendocrine and the metabolic, and their three respective circuits, vary in their degree of involvement as stages of stress. The body uses these two anti-stress components and their circuits to spread out the responsibility and workload of fighting stress. Because stress resolution is critical […]
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The NEM Stress Continuum Response

One of the greatest challenges in clinical medicine is the clinician’s ability to take clues from the body presented as signs and symptoms and translate that to a diagnosis that accurately reflects the underlying pathology. Once a proper diagnosis is made, a solution is relatively straightforward for the most part. The most challenging cases are […]
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