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Early-Onset Cancer: Understanding the Recent Dramatic Rise

Early-onset cancer describes cancers that occur in adults less than 50 years. While cancer can affect anyone, it is much more common in older adults. However, in recent decades, there has been an increase in the incidence of early-onset cancer. As you would imagine, this trend has caused a lot of worry in the medical […]
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6 Healthy Habits of SuperAgers

With aging typically comes symptoms such as cognitive decline and memory loss. However, SuperAgers are older people with much lower rates of these symptoms. They are outperforming their peers and showing no signs of slowing down. What is their antiaging secret, and how can they help teach all of us to age gracefully? We investigate […]
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Heat Wave Safety: Tips to Keep You Cool and Safe

Warm weather is a favorite for many individuals, it signals the end of winter and the beginning of summer as well as the beginning of many outdoor activities. Whilst warm weather can be enjoyable, heat waves can occur during this period. Heat waves are regarded as one of the most dangerous severe weather events that […]
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How Do Supplements Interact With Antidepressants? What You Should Know

Antidepressants are necessary to maintain your mental health, and supplements are often recommended to support all kinds of health problems. However, some supplements interact with antidepressants and could be doing more harm than good. On the other hand, other supplements could help make your antidepressants more effective, and some act as natural antidepressants in and […]
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How to Stay Safe In The Sun With Sun Safety Tips

The benefits of sunlight include providing warmth, enhancing mood, and promoting vitamin D synthesis in the skin. However, overexposure to sunlight can have harmful effects, from sunburn to skin cancer. This is why it is essential to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself, children, and the elderly from sun damage. You must practice sun […]
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An Easy Guide to 19 Essential Hormones and Endocrine Function

Hormones in the human body are complex and need to be in balance for good health. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that can impact your hormones and endocrine function. Hormones affect almost every organ in your body. So when their natural balance is lost, the results can be catastrophic and hard to manage. […]
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Kratom: Is This Controversial Drug Really Safe?

Fewer drugs have stirred controversy in the United States over the last few years as much as kratom. But is it good? Is it bad? How safe is it? These questions have polarized so many groups, with people having different answers to the questions. However, we will consider the facts to see if the controversy […]
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Dong Quai: Uses, Risks, and Dosing

Dong quai, sometimes referred to as Angelica sinensis or female ginseng, has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It's used as a medicinal herb to alleviate the symptoms of several health conditions. This popular Chinese remedy is said to be beneficial in addressing female hormonal issues, pulmonary hypertension, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and […]
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A Quick Guide to Astigmatism and Natural Ways to Slow Its Progression

Astigmatism is a vision problem that starts early in life, and most people have at least a small degree of it in one eye or the other. And if you have a more severe case, then you may need glasses or other corrective therapies. Early intervention is key to preventing this eye problem from getting […]
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Exploring Why US Life Expectancy Is So Low

How long you’re likely to live depends on where you live. Longevity is often used as an indicator of the quality of life in certain countries. And in western countries, life expectancy has been on the increase for decades due to a number of different changes and technological advances. But there is a single exception […]
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