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Microdosing Mushrooms: Experimental But Promising Path to Boost Serotonin

The last time you heard about hallucinogenic mushrooms, it may have been in the context of the psychedelic culture of the 1960s. Users claimed these mushrooms could expand your consciousness, make you more creative, and even show you the face of God. Yet while these claims are a bit outside the realm of modern medicine's […]
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How To Overcome Caregiver Stress Syndrome

Are you taking care of an elderly, sick, or disabled person, especially full-time? Particularly when it is a family member you are caring for full time, caregiving can become an all-consuming task.  And it can put you at risk for caregiver stress syndrome. Caregiver stress syndrome can creep up on you slowly. It can start […]
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Millimeter Wave Therapy Uses and Precautions

Is Millimeter Wave Therapy Good For Inflammation and Pain Relief? Millimeter wave therapy is a type of therapy that uses electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic waves are of a low-intensity millimeter wavelength. It’s a non-invasive method that uses non-ionizing microwaves locally on the skin. It aims to ameliorate many different issues, from pain to cardiovascular problems […]
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The Role Of NAD+ In Health And Aging

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+, is a coenzyme that is part of all living cells. A coenzyme is a compound that binds with enzymes to help catalyze reactions. NAD+ and NADH are the two different forms NAD can be found in. They are what is called a “redox couple”, meaning they are a reduced (gaining […]
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Can Electric Potential Therapy Help You Get Better Sleep?

Electric Potential Therapy Electric potential therapy uses a device that produces negative ions and electric energy. It activates, or reactivates, many different types of cells in your body. This can help with circulation, immunity, cell and tissue repair, and metabolism. The devices use alternating currents that induce a negatively-charged low-voltage static electric field. It was […]
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Healthcare Options: What You Need To Know About Difference Between Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine and Naturopathy

It is extremely difficult to define a healthy person due to the numerous factors involved in it. These complexities in the definition mean, that on the flip side, it becomes enormously hard to define an unhealthy person. Every individual is unique and the surrounding environment of that person impacts their health outcome. So, it clearly […]
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How a Growth Mindset Sustains Long-Term Motivation

Our world is one where we are increasingly called on to deal with difficult decisions, chronic stress, and sustain our motivation over the long-term as we push towards goals that could improve our lives. Finding new ways to deal with these situations is critical if we are going to succeed in the world today, and […]
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The Benefits of Smudging: Why It's an Ancient Tradition

People in different cultures around the world have used smoke from plants for medicinal and spiritual purposes for generations. Smoke is beneficial for various health conditions. It also symbolizes a spiritual connection between mind, body, and soul. Different cultures and religions have used smoke in various forms such as incense, havan samagri, and moxibustion in […]
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Workplace Habits That Can Harm Your Health

An average person spends about half of their waking hours at work. So, this is why developing great workplace habits is so important. These good habits include best practices such as good time and stress management. The modern workplace is usually stressful, so poor workplace habits can not only kill your career but also harm […]
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6 Possible Ways Barometric Pressure Changes May Affect Your Health

Weather has long played an important role in our daily lives. Hot or cold temperatures affect your body in a variety of ways, but there is another factor that is often overlooked. The changes in barometric pressure can also affect your body and health. Barometric pressure is the weight of the atmosphere, or the atmospheric […]
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