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How to Use an Herbal Poultice to Reduce Inflammation

Practitioners of Chinese Medicine have, for centuries, made use of herbal poultices due to the many benefits they may have. According to ancient belief, and something which conventional medicine increasingly agrees with, inflammation and pain may result from a blockage of energy flow in your body’s meridians. The Chinese refer to this energy flow as […]
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Liver Detox Phases: What to Expect

Your liver plays an essential role in bodily processes. It performs more than four hundred different functions and is involved with everything from food digestion to the removal of alcohol from the bloodstream. Unfortunately, it also processes drugs that can be harmful to your health. Suppose you struggle with drug or alcohol problems. In that […]
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The Truth About Sauna Benefits and Dangers

Saunas have been used for centuries to recover from daily stresses and to help cure many illnesses. A sauna is a wet or dry room heated to a very high temperature to induce sweating. This can also help the body detoxify, along with various other benefits. However, there are also some risks associated with sauna […]
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Tips for Starting a Health-Boosting Indoor Garden

Gardens offer the opportunity to cultivate fresh, chemical-free vegetables, herbs, and fruits we can use to cook healthy, nutritious meals. Unfortunately, not everyone has the outdoor space required for a garden. If you lack access to land for planting or the soil in your yard is not conducive to growing, an indoor garden can help. […]
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10 Signs You Might Be A People Pleaser and What to Do About It

There is a saying that goes: "You can please some people some of the time, but you cannot please all people all of the time." And that is the problem with being a people pleaser. You are constantly trying to please everyone all the time. While being a nice person is something we should all […]
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Improve Your Supplement Knowledge: An Overview

You've heard of these supplements, but they aren't all good for you. Having a working supplement knowledge base is key for choosing the best supplements to help support your health without causing potentially dangerous side effects. This basic background info can guide your choices. Supplement Knowledge: 5 Considerations Before Starting A New Supplement These are […]
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How to Grocery Shop for a Healthier Diet

How many times have you gone grocery shopping only to wander the aisles without any real idea of what to get? And how many times have you arrived home with a random bunch of ingredients or worse, unhealthy snacks and desserts? Grocery shopping isn’t easy these days with all the different choices and options. And […]
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A Guide to Easing Aches and Pains with Moxibustion

Medications can be helpful for those run-of-the-mill aches and pains that seem to occur more often as you get older. But if you're tired of popping pills to soothe pain and looking for another way, one that doesn’t include potentially dangerous medications, then you need to know about moxibustion. This therapy is a type of […]
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Urine Color: What It Says About Your Health

Your urine color can range from pale yellow to deep amber color, depending on how concentrated it is. This is a function of the pigment, urochrome, produced by the breakdown of hemoglobin in your body. Sometimes, colored urine can be a telltale sign that you have an underlying health condition. Other times, it might just […]
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A Beginner’s Guide to EBOO Ozone Therapy

Our modern environment and lifestyle can leave many toxins in your body that may build up to potentially dangerous levels. One new potential answer to this is known as Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation or EBOO ozone therapy. If you’re interested in this safe, gentle, effective therapy to detoxify your body and reduce inflammation, then […]
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