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Live Life to the Fullest – Why Being Happy is Worth It!

Live life to the fullest and have funLife is too short to remain unhappy. Live life to the fullest! You can’t expect to mope around the rest of your life and hope that someone notices. Most people do not realize that it takes little to attain happiness. A day alone on a million dollar yacht cannot hold a candle to a cheap camping trip with friends under the stars.

A Few Ways to Live Life to the Fullest

1. Slow Down and Smell the Flowers

Modern living might make it convenient for us to work faster. Ironically, the time that Joe saves from using his Smartphone to text 10 associates at once is spent doing more work. It is the drive to be the best that makes our lives more hectic and fast paced than ever. Slow it down a notch or two to go see a movie.

2. The World is Full of Joyful Stimuli

Keep living this way and life will pass you by before you get the chance to enjoy it. How do you slow down to enjoy it? Enjoying the time you have is taking an enjoyable bicycle ride on your way to work instead of taking your gas guzzler out in rush hour traffic. It means focusing on your relationships instead of gluing your eyes to your Smartphone for the latest stock rates.

3. Make the Little Things Count

Whoever said that laughter is the best medicine knew what they were talking about. Even something as unassuming as a good belly laugh is enough to make you feel peppy for the rest of the day. Remember the life of the busy bee is never content. A cutthroat work environment makes sure of that. But why let it? Happiness can be attained by a call to your Mom, a walk down the beach, or even doing away with multitasking and giving yourself the time to unwind.

Of course, happiness can only be attained if you let it. Living in the present will ensure that you never worry about what is to come. Make the conscious choice to stay happy no matter what happens. Life is bound to throw you a curve-ball or two but that doesn't mean you cower forever.

Happiness is not overrated and let no one tell you otherwise. The best things in life are free. All you have to do is realize that it takes very little to make you smile. So, show everyone those pearly whites, figure out your priorities and only stick to those which you can manage without stressing yourself out.

How to Live Life to the Fullest When Dealing with Stress

Even if you live life to the fullest, you will experience stress. But you’re more likely to experience it differently than someone living an unhappy life.

Much of the success with which you handle stress comes from your attitude. If you face life from a position of melancholy, always feeling down in the dumps or have the idea that nothing is going your way, stress will strike you harder. On the other hand, if you approach life with the attitude that you’re going to make the best of whatever comes your way, you’ll deal with stress in a much more healthy way.

Live life to the fullest smelling rosesThe old maxim, “Stop and smell the roses” has more than a bit of truth in it. If you do this, if you put activities and events in your life that lift you up, that add happiness, you will find life much more enjoyable and full.

On the other hand, if you go at life more negatively, stress will wear you down. And do it quickly. When this happens, your body will continually put demands on your adrenal glands to secrete cortisol to fight the effects of stress. Continuing stress ultimately will lead to your adrenals becoming exhausted. Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome means too little cortisol will be available to your body. At this point, the sometimes vague symptoms of adrenal fatigue syndrome show themselves.

Too often, traditionally trained physicians don’t look at these symptoms as being indicative of systemic involvement in the body. Instead, they treat the symptoms individually or on an organ specific basis. Physicians trained in the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) model of stress see all systems of the body working in interaction to deal with stress. What affects one system will affect all of them. This viewpoint leads them to more comprehensive and more effective treatment.
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Live life to the fullest smelling roses

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