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Exercise FAQ: Spotlight on Fitness

In your recent exercise FAQ about how regular fitness can reduce stress, you talked about the mind actually resting during exercise. Is this true?

Exercise FAQ: Exercise and stressHave you ever desired some exercise faq? Learning more about exercise and its effects on the body, via exercise faq, can be very helpful. If you want to see real results then an exercise faq is really what you need. Yes, Exercise is a good way to cleanse your mind and emotions. In the recent exercise FAQ, I discussed how if your mind is cluttered, it will become fresh following exercise. If you are exercising properly, your mind will actually be at rest. That's why people who exercise regularly are more productive and creative. Keep in mind that you cannot relieve stress and get the full benefit of exercise if you are in an environment with constant interruption. Explore the exercise faq below and learn what you have always wanted to know about exercise.

What are some specific growth hormone enhancing exercises?

This is a great way to kick of the exercise faq. Growth hormone enhancing exercises involves the bigger muscles of our body (legs, back, and shoulders). Exercises that will stimulate the release of growth hormone are those that include the larger muscle groups such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

Is there any proof that exercise increases longevity?

As a second question in this exercise faq, you couldn't have had a better one.  Moderate exercise extends your life. A famous study looking at almost 17,000 male alumni of Harvard University showed that as the activity of the men increased, their death rates decreased. Men who expended at least 2,000 calories doing moderately vigorous exercise, such as playing tennis or jogging, lowered their overall death rates by 25-33% and decreased their risk of coronary artery disease by 41%when compared to the more sedentary alumni.

What is one single best piece of fitness equipment you recommend?

The best piece of equipment is perhaps the cheapest - the jump rope. It offers cardiovascular benefits and tones the upper body at the same time. Nothing else comes close. Practically speaking, however, the best piece of fitness equipment to purchase is one that fits into your budget and one that you will use regularly.

Should the feet be held down during sit-ups with ones back?

If you have healthy back or strong abdominal muscles, there should not be a difference. If your abdominal muscles become weak (after repetitive exercise), the lower back may arch and cause strain on the low back. To alleviate this, do sit-ups in a bent-knee position.

Can over-exercise decrease longevity?

Over-exercising can have some negative effects on your longevity. A famous study of 17,000 Harvard alumni showed that those who exercised over 3,500 kilo calories a week had a slight increase in death rate as compared to the control group. Researchers postulate that over-exercise leads to an increase in cellular oxidation. This, in turn, leads to increased free radical formation, some of which can lead to cellular mutation and cancer.

Does aerobic exercise promote growth hormone release?

Running, race walking, and aerobic exercise stimulates the neuroendocrine system, releasing brain chemicals called endorphins and the catecholamines. These brain chemicals stimulate growth hormone secretion. The only catch is that these exercises have to be done in an intense level (70% to 80% of VO2max). In other words, intensive exercise is equivalent to taking a potent growth hormone release.

Why are you limiting your cardiovascular training to 30-45 minutes each workout and not longer?

Exercise FAQ: Heart health and agingFrom an anti-aging perspective, the goal is to maintain our body at an optimum level of exercise into old age. It is not the design of an anti-aging program to prepare you for a marathon, as long training sessions, while good from time to time, can lead to excessive oxidation of muscle cells that in turn can lead to cellular mutation and cancer. Research showed unless you have special needs, the cardiovascular benefit is evident after 20 minutes of continuous aerobics exercise.

What is my target heart rate zone?

Your target heart rate zone for anti-aging purposes should be between 60% (during the start of the exercise) and 80% (at the peak of the exercise) of your maximum heart rate (which is calculated as 220 minus your age). Occasionally, you can stress your heart by raising the target for a short time. Always consult your doctor first before embarking on any exercise program.

The gym I go to has over 100 exercise machines. Are they necessary?

Do not get distracted from the machines. Successful anti-aging exercises and workouts focus on 11 major muscle groups. It is really very simple. All you need to know are 11 exercises, not 50 exercises. The standard machines such as leg extension, leg curl, leg press, bench press, and lat pull down are good. My Anti-Aging exercises, which comprehensively cover all major muscle, are sufficient unless your goal is to make weight training a competitive sport.

If I don't have 20 minutes to do continuous aerobics exercise, can I break it down into two sessions of 10 minutes each?

Recent studies have shown that breaking a 20-minute aerobics into two sessions of ten minutes each have cardiovascular benefit almost the same as one session of 20 minutes. Any exercise is better than no exercise.

How do I keep up my workout during traveling?

The key is planning. Anti-aging exercises can be planned with or without equipment. If you are able to go to a gym where you travel to, great. If you are not, select one of the workout programs that require no equipment at all. The quality of the exercise is the same. Most hotels have a designated fitness area nowadays. Be creative - use a towel to help stretch; use water bottles as weights. The possibilities are endless. Challenge yourself by planning and stick to the exercise program as a priority item. You will succeed.

What is a growth hormone oriented strength training program like?

Weight training exercises are the best way to enhance growth hormone release. In particular, working the big muscles such as the back, chest, and thigh muscles increase growth hormone levels in the body. A growth hormone oriented strength training program consists of high-intensity heavy lifting, three to five reps, two to five sets at 70-85% of the maximum weight you can handle, three times a week.

How much time should I realistically expect to spend exercising before I see a transformation of my body?

Exercise FAQ: Optimizing and balancing our physical healthThe goal of an anti-aging exercise program is to optimize and balanced the physical aspect of your body for longevity. It is not designed to transform your body. However, transformations do take place, and most often within the first 12 weeks, depending on how faithful you are in following the system.

Should I listen to music during my workout?

The key to any good workout is the focus. If you can focus on the workout with music on, good for you. Some people like to have quiet environment during their workouts. There is really no rule. Your guiding light should be to do what it takes to give you the maximum amount of concentration to do each workout well.

Is fat burning an important component of the anti-aging exercise program?

Fat burning comes with any properly done aerobics exercise. The key in anti-aging cardiovascular training is to stress the heart at a suitable level for your age and not over exertion (which may lead to a heart attack). Don't worry about fat burning. Concentrate on the program and everything will take care of itself.

I don't feel like doing exercises in the morning. Can I do them at another time?

From an anti-aging perspective, morning is not necessarily the best time to exercise. Research has shown that accidents are more frequent in the morning, perhaps because the joints and muscles are not adequately warmed up. Similarly, heart attacks occur more in those who exercise in the evening, perhaps due to an accumulation of stress through the day and the tiredness of the body. The best time, from an anti-aging perspective, is mid-afternoon when your muscles are warmed up from daily activities and still not too tired.

Can I exercise at home?

The reality is that you don't need a gym full of equipment to realize the benefits of a balanced anti-aging workout. Simple dumbbells will suffice if you have them at home. If you have any equipment, a complete training program is still feasible. You can customize your in-home program easily to fit your needs.

What are the advantages of using dumbbells for strength training?

Dumbbells permit individualized and optimized alignment of joints, making the exercises both safer and more effective. Furthermore, with the dumbbells, you are exercising in a three-dimensional environment(compared to a machine where it is more linear and two dimensional, so to say), and so your muscle workout is more complete and more real.

Should I eat something before I work out, like an energy bar?

If you want to burn the maximum amount of calories and fat, you should exercise on an empty stomach. If you want maximum performance from an athletic viewpoint, an energy bar will help. Anti-aging workouts focus on longevity. Generally speaking, it's important to drink a reasonable amount of water or athletic fluid to keep the body in optimum hydration status, unless you are focused on performance from time to time.

What is the single most important factor in an anti-aging exercise program?

Exercise FAQ: Consistency is key to successThe most important factor is consistency. If you cannot be regular with the program, it does not matter how great your exercise regimen is - you will fail. When you are busy, do less. When you have time, do more. Always do something to keep yourself in the program.

Do I need to exercise more than 1 hour each time?

From an anti-aging perspective, your entire workout - flexibility, cardiovascular, and strength training can all comfortably fit into 60 minutes. One of the common mistakes people make with their workout is that they exercise for hours and get burned out. Long workouts are great from time to time to stress your body and train for athletic events. For anti-aging, the key is consistent exercise year in and year out.

When is it too late to start an exercise program?

Almost anyone can start an exercise program at any age unless your physician directs you not to. After engaging in a regular exercise program for one year, your body reacts as if you've been exercising your entire life. That is the power of exercise.

My weight tends to accumulate in my buttocks and thigh area. What exercises are particularly good for this area?

Jumping rope and stationary biking at very high speeds and low tension or resistance are ideal for these areas. Also essential for reducing lower body fat is calisthenics on a mat - without ankle weights.

Should I ask my friend for advice on exercising or weight training?

Generally speaking, it's better to try to ask an expert for advice. An expert is one who is a professional in the field with at least 10 years of clinical experience. Bad information can lead to injuries, the absolute no-no in anti-aging exercises.

I am often tired when I come home after a long day. Should I take it easy and skip my workout?

The next time you come home feeling tired and you don't have enough time to take a short nap, spend 20 minutes on a treadmill and break a sweat. Before you know it, you will be totally revived. Exercise stimulates our nervous system and releases growth hormone into our system for alertness and increases our vitality.

What are the consequences of over-exercising?

Over-exercise can lead to insomnia, depression, and a feeling of constant fatigue. It can also lead to over oxidization of cells from excessive free radical release. While your heart may be in excellent shape from the exercise, too many free radicals can lead to cellular mutations, which may ultimately result in cancer.

Does aerobic exercise lead to an increase in growth hormone levels?

Aerobic exercise results in the persistent long-term release of growth hormone in the plasma for two hours or even longer after exercise is stopped. The best part is that only moderate intensity is sufficient.Studies have shown that moderate-intensity of stationary bicycle activity leads to a 145% increase in growth hormone level in our body.

Should I have an exercise buddy?

Exercise FAQ: Working out with a buddyIf you have someone that you can exercise together with, that is wonderful. Try not to rely on one because if you do, you may not go through your routine if he or she is not around. Spend your time educating yourself about fitness and exercise. Let knowledge be your best motivator.

Why is warming up important in an exercise program?

Warming up raises both the general body and the deep muscle temperature through increasing the blood flow. It also stretches collagenous tissue, allowing for greater flexibility and improved performance.From an anti-aging perspective, stretching and warming up reduces the rate of injury and is, therefore, a critical element in a comprehensive workout program.

How much time is needed for warm-up exercises?

Generally speaking, anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes is recommended. The colder the weather, the longer your warm-up should be. Warming up consist of flexibility training exercises and keeping the heart rate at 60%of the maximum heart rate.

What is a good warm up exercise?

The best warm up for most exercisers and sports enthusiasts is stationary biking with minimal resistance.It quickly raises your heart rate and is safe.

What is the best way to increase muscle tone?

For optimal gains in muscular tone, do three to five sets of ten to thirty reps. Do not increase the number of weights, rather increase the number of reps you perform.

What is one overall exercise you recommend?

Jumping rope is a wonderful cardiovascular exercise. It tones your upper body muscles and it's easy to do and highly transportable. You can jump rope almost anywhere, anytime, and you only need a rope.

What is a good cool down exercise?

Riding a stationary bike with minimal or no resistance or plane walking at a relaxed speed is highly recommended. Don't forget to drink an adequate amount of fluids as well.

Can I convert fat into muscle by exercising?

This is a great exercise faq. The answer is no, muscle is not converted into fat. But what you can do is to lose the fat through the proper burning of calories in exercise. Concurrently, you build up lean body mass by strength training. The end result is the same - lose fat, gain muscle.

How do I know if my muscular endurance level is good?

If you can hit a golf ball the same distance on the first hole and on the eighteenth hole (4 hours later), you are in relatively good shape from the muscular endurance point of view.

How much fat should I have in my body?

A great question for this exercise faq. A certain amount of fat is essential for life. For men, 3-6% of your total body weight must be fat to sustain life. For women, it's 8-12%. The average American male has 25% body fat and women 33%. The optimum anti-aging level for males is 13-18% and women are 18-22 %.

When I am fit, I can eat more and don't gain weight. Why is that so?

When you are fit, a higher percentage of your body is lean body mass (i.e., muscle). Muscle burns calories 24 hours a day. So while you are sleeping, your muscles are actually burning calories. So even if you eat more, you are quietly burning it off.

What is the best measure of my fitness level?

Exercise FAQ: Be happy with how you lookLook into the mirror. It's better than the scale. If you look into the mirror and are happy with what you see, chances are that you are probably fit.

How many calories do I burn during exercise?

Great exercise faq question. The number of calories burned during exercise depends on the intensity and the type of exercise.Generally speaking, the average person burns between 400 - 600 calories for every hour of exercise.

What is my BMR?

What a good question for an exercise faq. Your BMR (basal metabolic rate) is the minimum amount of energy that your body needs to survive. At rest, you burn about 1 calorie per hour per kg body weight. For the average American, this means about 1,500 calories a day is used by the body just to survive. Add 400 - 1,500 calories, depending on how active you are, and you have the total number of calories you need to maintain your current body weight.

How much lean body mass do I lose by diet alone without strength training?

You lose anywhere from 50-60% of muscle and lean body mass by diet alone.Loosing lean body mass is not good news. What you want to do is to loose fat while keeping your lean body mass. To do that, you need to perform strength training anti-aging exercises while you are dieting.

How often should I do aerobics exercise if my goal is to lose weight?

If you are trying to lose weight through the cardiovascular burning of calories, you should do aerobics exercise every day. Try not to skip any days because you need to keep burning the calories that you are consuming each day.

What is one good rule to remember for exercise?

One good rule for firming and toning the body is: anaerobic-type exercises (such as weight lifting) are best for firming, and aerobic-type exercises (such as running) are best for losing weight and taking away mass from your body.

What are the best exercises to firm my chest?

There are many exercises in a gym that can help you firm your chest. Some of the popular ones include barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, dumbbell flies, and the chest press machine. If you do not have access to a gym, push-ups and dips are simple exercises that get results.

What is the most frequent cause of injuries during exercise?

Most injuries occur due to a lack of proper warm-up and flexibility training prior to beginning the exercises.

What should I do if I feel pain during exercise?

Another great question for the exercise faqPain is a warning sign that something is wrong. When the pain signal comes, the first step is to cease exercise and rest. Many people will attempt to "tough it out" and work through the pain. What often results is further injury and chronic pain.

Should heat or ice be applied as the first step after injury?

For the first 24 hours after a muscular or ligamentous injury, consult your doctor and apply ice to decrease swelling. It also helps to keep the injured area elevated to help reduce the swelling.

Does exercise improve growth hormone secretion?

Exercise FAQ: Strength training can release growth hormoneSo many of these questions within the exercise faq have been great, as is this one. High-intensity exercise, including strength training at 80% maximum lift and aerobic activities at 80% of maximum heart rate sends a strong signal to the pituitary gland to release growth hormone, which is an anti-aging hormone. Blood levels of growth hormone have been shown to increase by 200-400% following high-intensity exercises.

What is the hormonal effect of running?

This is the last question of the exercise faq. Running is a quick way to lose fat and change body composition towards an increase of lean body mass. As you gain more lean body mass, you are metabolically more active and release more growth hormone for anti-aging purposes. Running, in and of itself, at a moderate pace also stimulates growth hormone release.

Hopefully, this exercise faq has shed light on your daily routine and answered some much-desired questions.  Exercise faq, as mentioned, are the best way to make sure that you know the true impact of what you are doing and get the most out of the work.

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