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Hormone Pellet Therapy: Is It Safe? What Are The Alternatives?

Menopause! That time in a woman’s life when her hormones go haywire, hot flashes abound, mood swings hit you unexpectedly, and you see an increase in fat around the belly without knowing why. And these are just a few of the symptoms. All this happens because, essentially, your hormones are no longer in a state […]
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The Link Between Opioids and Mental Health: Increased Risk for Addiction

People who use opioids have a much higher incidence of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. Sometimes these mental health disorders are the result of opioid use and sometimes opioids are used to try to mask the symptoms of poor mental health. In the rush to rid the world of illicit drug use, […]
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Nootropics: Are These Meds A "Smart” Way to Boost Brain Performance?

Nootropics are certain medications that can boost brain performance. Many people also refer to them as "smart drugs" because they may help improve memory and cognitive performance. There are two types of nootropics. Those that you need a prescription for are synthesized in a laboratory and are often suggested for such health conditions as Alzheimer’s […]
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Hormonal IUD Risks You Need To Be Aware Of

While birth control is a very useful and important part of overall health, choosing the right type for you involves knowing how it will affect you - both the benefits and the potential hazards. In this article, we’ll talk about coils or IUDs, which stands for intrauterine devices. These devices are inserted into the uterus […]
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Synapsin: A Promising Medication for Brain Fog, Fatigue, and More

Synapsin is a nasal spray that may help boost concentration and reduce brain fog symptoms. Many people find themselves under chronic stress these days, which leads to brain fog, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating and could interfere with professional and personal life. By making it easier to focus and concentrate, Synapsin could help reduce stress and […]
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How the "Start Low Go Slow" Approach Is Essential for Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue recovery can be a difficult journey. When you have this disorder, any attempt you make to improve your health can backfire, causing additional stress and worsening your condition. This is where the "start low go slow" approach comes in handy. It advocates small changes that build over time and also helps you sustain […]
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Peptide Therapy For Your Heart

Peptides are specific compounds in the body made up of a chain of amino acids. Their actions in the body encompass the functions of protein, hormone, or digestive aide. Peptide therapy continues as the focus of a great deal of research effort particularly as it shows promise in the care of heart conditions. Much of […]
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Effective, Natural Antidepressants Supported By Research

Constant stress together with a sedentary, chemical-laden lifestyle and an inadequate diet have a huge effect on our mental health. According to the World Health Organization, about 4.5% of the world’s population suffers from depression, a mental health issue. And of course, the use of antidepressant medications is on the rise, each with its own […]
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Everything You Need To Know About Antidepressants Side Effects and Serious Risks

Depression is one of the biggest contributors to disability worldwide. Almost 264 million people of all ages are affected by it. And although there are effective therapies for it, such as antidepressants, there are a few obstacles that come with this therapy: Namely antidepressants side effects and how they impact the rest of your system. […]
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The Unhealthy Ways Laxatives Affect the Microbiome

You probably don't often talk about the importance of healthy, regular bowel movements. In fact, many people who suffer from problems in this area keep it to themselves because of embarrassment. And that’s a problem because having regular bowel movements is absolutely essential for your long-term and short-term health. If you struggle with this, then […]
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