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Signs of Detox Problems and Whether Detox Supplements Actually Help

Over the last few years, the idea of doing a detox to flush toxins from the body has become increasingly popular. This is evidenced by the several different detox plans and diets that have emerged. However, many wonder if there is any justification for the detox hype or if it is just another buzzword with […]
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Silver and Chronic Fatigue: Can It Help?

Chronic fatigue is a condition that was first recognized in 1988. Around five to nine million Americans experience it. This condition may last for years, and it not only affects your health but also your quality of life. There is no quick fix for this condition nor any FDA-approved therapies. However, there are many remedies […]
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How I Healed from Adrenal Fatigue: 7 Steps for Recovery

Modern life can be busy, crazy, and stressful. And too many people take any symptoms that arise as just part of the package. But feeling tired, and stressed, or having trouble sleeping should never be taken as normal. Instead, they are signs that something is wrong that you need to address. Adrenal fatigue seems to […]
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9 Benefits of Licorice Root for Adrenal Fatigue and Other Health Issues

Licorice is not just a candy! The licorice plant is an adaptogenic herb whose root has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine. This herb has many uses, including for ulcers, indigestion, and as an antiviral. And science shows you can use licorice root for adrenal fatigue as well. The History of Medicinal […]
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The Complete Guide to Adrenal Fatigue Medication

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you feel jittery, anxious, unable to sleep, or find yourself dealing with a range of unusual symptoms that don't seem to have an explanation? Then you may be one of the many people in the modern world who are struggling with adrenal fatigue. This stress-related condition can […]
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Is Adrenal Fatigue Real? What the Experts Say

Is adrenal fatigue real? There’s a lot of controversy about this question, with healthcare professionals on both sides of the debate. People who experience ongoing fatigue, sleeping problems, weight gain, salt cravings, and other strange and seemingly disconnected symptoms often visit their doctor, only to be told that they’re fine and nothing’s wrong. And yet […]
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Walking for Longevity: One Step at a Time

Based on research findings, there appears to be a connection between walking and life expectancy. Walking is a simple, yet, effective form of physical activity that can help you become a healthier you as you age and may decrease your risk of developing chronic diseases, ultimately leading to a longer, healthier life. Here's the evidence […]
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The Importance of Saliva: Too Little, Too Much, and It's Role in Hormone Health

We don't think about our saliva much. It is just there. We may lick our lips now and then, or give an involuntary swallow on occasion, but we don't spend a long time pondering our saliva. But we should not underestimate the importance of saliva. Saliva plays a significant role in many bodily functions. The […]
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Adrenal Fatigue, Stress and Anxiety: Supplements and Strategies to Find Relief

Stress and anxiety are common feelings that many individuals will experience in their lifetime, and they are on the rise. It's estimated that at least seven out of ten Americans are stressed or anxious. Whilst this may sound like just another bothersome feeling to deal with, stress and anxiety can also result in more worrisome […]
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6 Healthy Habits of SuperAgers

With aging typically comes symptoms such as cognitive decline and memory loss. However, SuperAgers are older people with much lower rates of these symptoms. They are outperforming their peers and showing no signs of slowing down. What is their antiaging secret, and how can they help teach all of us to age gracefully? We investigate […]
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