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The Hidden Nutrients of Eating the Rainbow and How to Do It Right

If you look at the Standard American Diet, there’s not much variety in the color of the food. It’s made up of a lot of white, brown, and yellow foods like pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, eggs, sausages, chicken, and beef. And the cooking method usually involves frying in some kind of oil or animal fat. […]
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How to Stop Trigger Foods from Sabotaging Your Healthy Diet

Do you find that you manage to eat well until you’re presented with a specific type of food? And that once you see that food, you can’t stop eating it, and end up eating other foods that aren’t good for you? These foods that seem to open the door for unhealthy eating habits are known […]
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The Best Fish for Brain Health: How to Reduce Your Risk of Cognitive Decline

Have you ever heard the term "brain food?" According to various literature, fish may make the best food for brain health. One study suggests that by eating fish for brain health, you may even increase the size of your hippocampus, which is your brain’s learning and memory center. And this may slow down or prevent […]
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The Top 5 Health Benefits of Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder is one of the more popular kinds of nutritional supplement for building muscle. It contains lean protein, good fats, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. Moreover, this powder benefits your muscles, digestion, heart, and metabolism. It retains many of the key health benefits associated with hemp seeds in an easy-to-eat form. This article covers […]
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Sugar and Alzheimer's: The Surprising Link

From weight gain to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even psychological disorders, the harmful effects of sugar can be surprisingly severe. Sugar is everywhere and affects everyone who consumes it. Research shows that sugar can even accelerate the progression of Alzheimer's in those who already have a predisposition to the disease. Here's what you need to […]
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The Best Nutrition for Brain Health: The Top 4 Diets and Their Epigenetic Mechanisms

Neurodegenerative conditions and issues with cognitive function are on the rise. And although those are problems that usually come with age, we’re seeing more and more people affected by them earlier in life. Thankfully, there’s now more awareness about dietary approaches to these issues. This article outlines the best nutrition for brain health and how […]
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How to Rebalance Your Hormones With the PCOS Diet

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects many women, and it is to blame for some uncomfortable, painful, and potentially embarrassing symptoms. It can also be very difficult to manage, as there is no way to eliminate it completely. However, that doesn’t mean that there's nothing you can do. The PCOS diet is […]
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The Benefits of Beet Greens - Why You Should Include Them in Your Diet

Who would have thought that one of the most under-appreciated vegetables could be good for you? Beet greens aren’t exactly the most popular vegetable, are they? After all, they have a slightly bitter taste that some people don’t like; but there's a lot benefits of beet greens. If you’re in the minority and enjoy a […]
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Spicy Food and Digestion: New Research Solves and Old Problem

Do you enjoy eating spicy food? Are you concerned about the effects it could be having on your health and digestion? Spicy food can be delicious and cutting it out of your diet means that there are a lot of different dishes that you can’t eat. However, there’s a lot of controversy about spicy food […]
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Best Nutrients For Brain Health

Have you been experiencing brain fog or forgetfulness lately? These symptoms, along with other signs, indicate poor brain function. What you need are nutrients for brain health.   The brain weighs about three pounds, but it packs a heavy workload. In addition, the brain acts as the command center instructing your body to perform various functions. […]
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