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Seasonal Allergies: Signs, Testing, and Remedies

The beginning of spring is generally a season met with excitement, the end of cold weather, and the beginning of warmer temperatures. It also marks the start of plants opening and growing after the winter. Whilst it is a time that many enjoy, some dread this new season, as not only is it the beginning […]
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What Is Quercetin? Health Benefits and Food Sources

Quercetin is not a vitamin or mineral, but it has many benefits to your health and is abundant in many different types of foods. Quercetin is part of the flavonoid group and is a plant pigment. It contributes to the plant's color. Its color is yellow, and in food sources where quercetin is abundant, this […]
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Causes of Nocturnal Pruritus and Natural Remedies

Does your skin itch at night? This skin itchiness at night is referred to as nocturnal pruritus. Itchy skin at night can result from natural changes in your body temperature, water loss at night, dry skin, or sometimes, from an underlying health condition. Additionally, it can cause sleep disruption regularly. We discuss possible causes of […]
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What's The Connection Between Food Allergies and Weight Gain?

Food allergies tend to present a range of symptoms, but weight gain is not one that quickly comes to mind. However, some people with allergies experience weight gain. Is there a connection between food allergies and weight gain? By understanding how they are connected, you'll learn how to manage your allergy symptoms and prevent weight […]
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Exploring the Link Between Allergies and Depression

Too often, we think of the body and the issues we have with it as completely unrelated. As if the different parts of the human body don’t interact and don’t influence each other in any way. But as medical knowledge deepens, this idea is proving to be untrue. Instead, evidence shows the body is deeply […]
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How Histamine Intolerance Can Mimic Allergy Symptoms

Everyone seems to have allergies these days and allergy symptoms can severely impact your quality-of-life day to day. But the itchy, wheezing, sneezy feelings may actually be symptoms of something that’s a little more complicated than your seasonal enemy. They may be a sign of histamine intolerance, which is a fairly new idea to the […]
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A Guide To Common Mold Exposure Symptoms: How Worried Should You Be?

Mold can grow anywhere in the home and many people believe that it can cause a range of problems from cancer to lung disease. Although there’s no evidence that mold can cause these health threats, this doesn’t mean that it’s harmless. There’s a range of mold exposure symptoms that you may experience when you breathe […]
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Do Your Symptoms Indicate a Wheat Allergy? Here's What to Do

Bread, pancakes, waffles, muffins... wheat products, and commercials advertising the virtues of these products, are everywhere in our culture. Yet many of us experience a feeling of lethargy after eating anything containing wheat. You may assume it is due to being full, but it could be from a wheat allergy or sensitivity. Fatigue is one […]
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How Allergies Cause Fatigue And What To Do About It

Spring often sees an increase in people seeking advice from healthcare practitioners in dealing with the symptoms caused by seasonal allergies. While we regard itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, and congestion as normal while suffering from allergies, people often feel tired as well. Allergies cause fatigue, although we often ascribe this tiredness to other factors. But […]
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What You Should Know About Stress and Allergy Symptoms

If you experience allergy symptoms, then you know how annoying they can be. Allergies can make your eyes itch, your nose run, cause coughing and sneezing, and just generally make you feel unwell. For many people, allergies occur at certain times of the year and just have to be tolerated. But this isn’t always the […]
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