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Bacopa for Neuroprotection, Stress, and More

Using medicinal herbs to manage different health conditions is certainly not a new concept, with some Ayurvedic practices dating back thousands of years. However, the last few years in modern medicine have witnessed a significant uptick in the research interest of these herbs. Bacopa is one key area that scientists suggest can rejuvenate mental healthcare. […]
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How Second Wind Sleep Disruption Can Leave You Exhausted, Especially If You Have Adrenal Fatigue

Some people are happy to get a second wind, suddenly finding they have more energy to complete a task or stay awake longer. However, if you have had a long day and simply need quality sleep, a second wind could be a problem for you. It could keep you up late at night rob your […]
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9 Best Adaptogenic Mushrooms for Your Health

Scientists estimate that there are about 140,000 mushroom species, but only 14,000 of these have currently been described. Considering this vast number, it is unsurprising that there have been several different reported uses of mushrooms, with one of the most prominent being as stress relievers. The species that fall into this class are known as […]
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Can Stress Cause Itchy Skin? 3 Surprising Stress-Related Skin Conditions

Can stress cause itchy skin? As the largest organ in your body, your skin protects you in several ways. It protects you from the environment by preventing toxic chemicals from entering your body and shields you from impact. The microbiome present on your skin helps to prevent harmful microorganisms from damaging your health. Moreover, the […]
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The NADA Protocol: Acupuncture of the Ear for Stress, Anxiety, and Trauma

There are many different techniques available to help provide relief from stress and anxiety. These include talk therapy, nutrition, and alternative therapies. One popular alternative therapy is acupuncture. NADA is a form of acupuncture done on the ears, and it may help a wide range of conditions including addiction, anxiety, trauma, and stress. This article […]
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7 Self-Soothing Techniques for Better Emotional Health

Many of us have habits that we aren't aware of consciously, such as nail biting, skin picking, or even thumb sucking. You may think this is simply a habit with no reason behind it. But it could be a sign that your body is self-soothing. These are often habits we learn as children and carry […]
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The Top Five Natural Bedtime Teas

Whilst bedtime can be the favorite time of day for many individuals, it can also be a time of anxiety if you struggle to fall asleep. Although sleep difficulties can be challenging, there are many strategies that can help to induce sleep and calm your body and mind. Bedtime tea is one of these strategies. […]
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New Cannabinoid: Research on HHC Benefits and Uses

There has been a lot of excitement in medical circles about the health benefits of the cannabis plant recently. This plant contains more than 400 cannabinoids and terpenes, many of which have several health benefits. Although most of the health benefits of this plant are attributed to cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), there’s another cannabinoid […]
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Can Hair Loss from Adrenal Fatigue be Reversed? An Honest Answer from an Expert

Adrenal fatigue can and often does cause a range of symptoms and problems. Some of them can be frightening and distressing and others can impact your future health. And then there are the symptoms that are just annoying and slightly embarrassing, such as hair loss. Hair loss can occur due to problems within the body’s […]
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Natural Strategies to Ease Chronic Pain

Pain is something that everyone has experienced in their life. For many, this pain is short-term and will eventually disappear. But in other cases, this pain is chronic. Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts for over three months. Chronic pain affects 50.2 million individuals in the US, 20.5% of individuals (1). This pain […]
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