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Can You Become Addicted To Melatonin?

Sleep is an important part of life. In your lifetime, you will spend around a third of it sleeping or trying to sleep. It is an important aspect of maintaining your health and wellness. But while sleep may come naturally for some, it may be a challenge for others. There is a wide range of […]
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What to Expect from A Sleep Study: Study Types and How They Work

According to the CDC, one in three adults in the United States doesn’t get enough sleep regularly. There are multiple reasons for this; perhaps the most serious is a sleep disorder. If your healthcare provider suspects you have a sleep disorder, you may need a sleep study to evaluate the condition properly. This article will […]
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8 Lemon Balm Uses for Better Health

Lemon balm is an herb belonging to the mint family. Officially called Melissa officinalis, lemon balm uses have been known as far back as the Middle Ages. Historically, the herb has been used as a means of reducing pain and indigestion, reducing anxiety, improving appetite and sleep, and even helping deal with the common cold. […]
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COVID and Sleep Issues: 5 Tips to Improve Them

Sleep is something that you can take for granted until it’s no longer there. You may have found that during the COVID pandemic or during your recovery, COVID and sleep issues go hand in hand. COVID and sleep issues can turn night times from relaxing into completely anxiety-provoking, with you counting down the hours you […]
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The Sleep And Weight Connection

Sleep and weight are two important factors that can directly affect your wellness and your quality of life. In recent years, the amount of sleep by the average American has declined whereas the average weight and BMI have increased. You may think that these two factors work independently of each other, however, sleep and weight […]
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The Four Key Aspects of Holistic Hormone Balance: Rejuvenate the Body Naturally

Unless you’ve experienced a major hormonal change, such as pregnancy or menopause, you may not be aware of just how much hormones affect your health and wellbeing. They can have a major influence on just about every part of your body and how you feel as a whole. And even if you aren’t currently experiencing […]
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The Risks of Sleeping Pills and Natural Alternatives

Sleep issues, whether related to falling asleep or staying asleep, have become increasingly common. The causes of these issues may vary. They could result from stress due to your job, pain from an injury, or result from taking medications. But whatever the cause, the result is lack of sleep and the various symptoms that go […]
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The Connection Between Getting Enough Sleep and Healthy Weight

You may already know that you need a good night’s rest to function properly the next day, and for your body to heal. But there is also a close correlation between sleep and healthy weight. Increasingly, literature on this topic strongly suggests that how much you sleep and how much you weigh go hand in […]
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Healthy Bedtime Snacks: The Best Foods to Help You Sleep Better

Do you often feel hunger pangs during the latter part of the evening? You also probably know that late-night snacking could lead to obesity, blood sugar issues, and even cardiometabolic conditions. Unless, of course, you purposely choose healthy bedtime snacks! Eating the right snacks can promote a better quality of sleep, help balance your blood […]
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7 Healthy Late Night Snacks to Sleep Better and Stay Satisfied

Are you one of those people who feel peckish shortly before it is time to go to bed? You are not alone. Many of us feel the need to eat something later in the evening. And although the current thought is that you should eat three square meals a day, nothing in between, and certainly […]
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