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Is Biotin Actually Good For Your Hair, Skin, and Nails?

Biotin, sometimes referred to as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, is an essential B complex vitamin. Essential nutrients are those that your body can’t synthesize and so you must take in through food or supplement (although there is something to be said about its production by the gut’s microbiome, which we’ll get to later). Biotin […]
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That Strange Skin Crawling Sensation Can Have Hidden Causes. Here's What to Do.

The body is a miraculous machine, capable of a lot of amazing things. But when things go wrong, it can also experience a lot of strange symptoms. If you’ve ever experienced a sensation like your skin crawling, then you aren’t imagining it. This is a common sensation that can be associated with several different health […]
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Low Cortisol Acne: What It Is and How You Control It

Almost everyone knows the disappointment and stress caused by an acne outbreak. Especially adults. Acne supposedly appears when you reach puberty and hormones rage. But once you’re past that stage of life, you can still get acne outbreaks. Much of the time these outbreaks come as a result of stress and carry the label of […]
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What You Should Know About Treating Acne With Vitamin A

Have you been bothered by skin conditions such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis? Did you wonder if you could ever get rid of them? The skin is believed to be a difficult organ to manage. Vitamins play an important role in the maintenance of your health and wellbeing. Vitamin A is crucial for maintaining optimal […]
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Natural Eczema Therapies: Healing Inflamed Skin

The itch and pain of inflamed and irritated skin can drive you into terrible discomfort. There seems to be no way to get rid of it. You know of conventional medical therapies, but also know they come with side effects you don’t want. Natural eczema therapies may be your best option. The natural eczema therapies […]
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Herbal Salves To Reduce Inflammation

If your family’s roots are in a rural area, you may be familiar with the benefits of your grandmother’s home healing remedies passed down generations. These remedies may include tinctures, herbal salves, and lotions, all aimed at curing anything from chilblains to the common cold. The reason these home remedies were so commonly used is […]
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Skincare For Winter Goes Beyond The Surface

While many of us love the warm, balmy days of summer sitting with iced tea watching the sun go down, many of us prefer the cold snowy days of winter. Winter sees many of us wrapping up in warm woolies while drinking hot chocolate cuddled up in front of the fire. But we also pay […]
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How To Heal Gut, Skin and Weight Issues At The Same Time

The relationship between your gut, skin and weight is an important one. Each one reflects the health of the other two. And each one reflects your overall health as well. Two of these components give you a visual clue as to what is going on inside you: skin and weight. Your gut, on the other […]
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Potential Benefits of Red Light Therapy

The body’s ability to detoxify is essential for wellbeing, and it depends on the health of multiple organs and tissues. When something happens to these organs, oxidative stress may result in adrenal fatigue or metabolic syndrome. These two conditions are very closely related and have similar symptoms. Developing one of these two conditions may lead […]
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The Protective Layer on Your Skin and Handwashing

Let me begin just by saying that most people think the immune system is only the white blood cells defending you from external threats and invaders. And indeed, that is true, but actually, it’s more than that. Actually, the immune system comprises of many of your body’s systems. Skin As A Barrier One of the […]
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