Alternative Toothpaste: How to Avoid Hidden Toxins

With the amount of toxins permeating our lives, it has become increasingly important to research what goes into and onto our bodies to know how to take better care of our health. Aside from making sure to eat right and get enough exercise, you also nee …

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Transforming Well-Being With Natural Oral Health Care Solutions

Dentists suggest brushing teeth twice daily and regular flossing for good oral health. But did you know that your dental health plays a significant role in maintaining your overall health? Tooth decay and gum problems have been linked to various health …

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A Potential Path for Reversing Cavities

For many years dentists have insisted that cavities simply cannot be reversed. However, according to the works of the late Dr. Weston Price and others, this simply is not true. Since the time of Dr. Price, many new discoveries have been made about toot …

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Electronic Cigarettes: Not the Best Way to Beat Stress

Some claim that utilizing electronic cigarettes is a safer alternative to tobacco, and could in fact aid in reducing stress hormones and cause relaxation in your body. It’s also been said that using electronic cigarettes could help you quit smoking. Bu …

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Why Are My Gums Receding and What to Do About It

Categories: Adrenal Health, Living with Adrenal Fatigue, Oral Health

Gums receding are not only something you find only in the aged. It can happen to anyone at any time. It is a painful condition that often has added complications. These include gaps forming between your gum line and teeth where harmful bacteria build u …

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This Fat Found in Fish Oil Can Improve Your Gum Health

On a daily basis, people turn to food for sustenance and nourishment. The human body depends on food to be able to load up on necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed to stay healthy. However, every time a person opens his or her mouth …

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Reversing Gum Disease: Oral Health and Vitamin C

Categories: Adrenal Health, Cardionomic, Heart Health, Infections and Toxins, Inflammation, Oral Health, Stress, Supplements

Common unresolved dental problems include repaired but still toxic root canals, refractory periodontitis, tooth abscesses, decayed teeth, gingivitis, improperly extracted teeth with smoldering infections, leaking mercury fillings, and dental material s …

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EDTA Chelation and the Removal of Toxic Metals

Categories: Adrenal Health, Cardionomic, Detoxification, Heart Health, Infections and Toxins, Inflammation, Oral Health, Stress, Supplements

The concept of EDTA chelation therapy as a way to remove heavy and toxic metal has been well established as a standard medical procedure for over 50 years. It is approved by the FDA for treatment of lead toxicity. The use of IV chelation therapy for ca …

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