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The Importance of Saliva: Too Little, Too Much, and It's Role in Hormone Health

We don't think about our saliva much. It is just there. We may lick our lips now and then, or give an involuntary swallow on occasion, but we don't spend a long time pondering our saliva. But we should not underestimate the importance of saliva. Saliva plays a significant role in many bodily functions. The […]
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What Tonsil Stones Are and What To Do About Them

You may have never heard of tonsil stones, but this little-known condition is actually more common than you might think. In fact, you might have had it without even realizing it. But even though this condition often goes unnoticed, it still causes some very irritating and embarrassing symptoms such as bad breath and discomfort. Let’s […]
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Oral-Cardiovascular Health: The Hidden Connection

Did you know there may be an oral-cardiovascular connection? Many studies suggest that there is a strong connection between oral health and heart disease risk. The US Surgeon General’s 2000 report, Oral Health in America, supports this. According to the report, oral health may relate to over ninety percent of systemic health issues. Literature does […]
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Oral Health and the Gut: An Essential Connection

Recent research suggests a strong connection between oral health and the gut. This should come as no surprise when you consider your mouth contains over 700 different microbes. And every time you swallow some of those microbes make their way to your stomach and gut. A huge volume of research evidence shows the connection between […]
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Tongue Scraping: The Oral Health Hack You Should Be Doing

If you suffer from bad breath, swollen gums, or cavities, you are in the company of billions of people throughout the world. However, these oral health problems can lead to systemic inflammation and over activation of your immune system, adding to what can become serious health problems. This is why good oral health is indispensable […]
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The Dangers of Amalgam Fillings

Do you know what your fillings are made of? Fillings have been used for a long time to stop decay and protect your teeth against further damage. It’s only recently that people have become concerned about the substances that make up fillings. Amalgam fillings have been used for more than 150 years. They’re a very […]
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No Dental Care Available? Here’s How To Make It Til Your Next Appointment

Sometimes things happen beyond your control. You may live far from a town, get snowed in, be quarantined at home, or a natural disaster may strike. While essential services may stay open during these times, you may also find that no dental care facilities are open. So, what do you do? Well, in most cases, […]
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Alternative Toothpaste: How to Avoid Hidden Toxins

With the amount of toxins permeating our lives, it has become increasingly important to research what goes into and onto our bodies to know how to take better care of our health. Aside from making sure to eat right and get enough exercise, you also need to take a closer look at the hygiene products […]
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Transforming Well-Being With Natural Oral Health Care Solutions

Dentists suggest brushing teeth twice daily and regular flossing for good oral health. But did you know that your dental health plays a significant role in maintaining your overall health? Tooth decay and gum problems have been linked to various health problems. Although there are several medications, mouthwashes, and gums on the market that promise […]
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The Best Natural Remedies for Bad Breath

Having bad breath can be extremely embarrassing, mostly because you often don’t know about it until someone else tells you. Though you probably won’t appreciate being told that you have this problem, it’s better to know because then you can do something about it. There are a number of things you can try that can […]
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