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Study Finds Link Between Dementia and Nightmares

Dementia and nightmares are both undesirable conditions all on their own.  And new research shows there may be an unlikely relationship between the two. A study on sleep issues and dementia shows that adults with more nightmares and bad dreams may be several times more likely to develop dementia. But what could cause this link? […]
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Mindful Listening: A Guide to Better Communication and Calmer Conflict Resolution

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where, when talking to someone, you realize that they are not really listening to you? That their minds are somewhere else? Or do find your mind drifting or waiting for a chance to speak when you are supposed to be listening to someone else? This is an […]
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The Mental and Physical Effects of Anxiousness and Remedies That May Help

Anxiousness is a common condition that many individuals will experience during their lifetime. An estimated 19.1% of Americans reportedly experience anxiousness each year, and these estimates don't account for the many who may be experiencing anxiousness silently. And anxiousness doesn't only have mental or emotional symptoms. The physical effects of anxiousness are important to understand […]
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New Study Explores Crossword Puzzles and Their Impact on Memory Loss

Crossword puzzles are a favorite way to pass time and relax for many. And new studies show that crossword puzzles can do more than just pass time. Some claim crossword puzzles can help prevent memory loss for adults. But, do these crossword puzzles really help? Here's what the research says. Do Crossword Puzzles Slow Memory […]
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The Top 7 Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a popular sport in the summer months, and if you are willing to brave the indoor swimming pool or wear a wetsuit, you can enjoy swimming all year round. Swimming is a low-impact form of exercise that can be great for your joints and help people with many different conditions enjoy the benefits […]
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How Guided Imagery Can Improve the Chances of Fertilization

In traditional Chinese medicine, there’s an ancient saying that “wherever the mind goes, the qi follows.” Recent studies have also confirmed what the Chinese already knew: there’s a relationship between the mind and the body. Many techniques, including guided imagery, aim to take advantage of this relationship. One area where this relationship may help is […]
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Exploring the Link Between Allergies and Depression

Too often, we think of the body and the issues we have with it as completely unrelated. As if the different parts of the human body don’t interact and don’t influence each other in any way. But as medical knowledge deepens, this idea is proving to be untrue. Instead, evidence shows the body is deeply […]
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7 Tips to Combat Memory Loss

Do you occasionally forget where you put the car keys and have to spend ten minutes looking for them? Don't worry, all of us are forgetful sometimes. Real memory loss, however, involves forgetting the way home, not remembering the name of a loved one, or even forgetting to eat. While it is often a sign […]
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7 Benefits of Gardening That You Should Know

Gardening is not simply an enjoyable outdoor activity that you do in your spare time. It’s an opportunity to improve your health! The benefits of gardening include a boost in gut health, improving physical strength, mood enhancement, stress alleviation, blood pressure reduction, and bone and memory protection. Benefits of Gardening: Reasons to Start a Garden […]
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Springtime Lethargy: What Causes It and How to Get Your Energy Back

Springtime lethargy is a seasonal issue that can have a major effect on your quality of life. This phenomenon impacts more women than men in general. It can take a toll on your body and leave you feeling like you’re running on empty. However, understanding the causes of this springtime issue could help you feel […]
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