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Menopause: The Guide to Stages, Symptoms, and Management Options

Menopause is the official end of female reproduction, and it is marked by the permanent cessation of menstruation. For many women, menopause is relieving in some ways, as they no longer have to worry about periods or birth control. However, hormonal changes accompany menopause, and many women have to deal with new and uncomfortable symptoms. […]
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Six of the Most Important Fertility Hormones and Consequences of An Imbalance

Many people look forward to having a child at some point in their lives. Yet many couples have difficulty conceiving. In most cases, this is the result of an imbalance in fertility hormones. These hormones play a key role in reproduction. And this could apply to both men and women. Fertility hormones determine whether an […]
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4 Strategies for Female Athlete Menstruation Support

Professional athletes train hard. They spend hours a day working at becoming the best in their field. This may come with a price, however, especially in the case of female athletes. Rigorous training may result in female athletes expending more energy than what they consume from the food they eat. This may not only result […]
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4 Lifestyle Changes to Improve Breast Cancer Outcomes

According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 287,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer were identified during 2021 alone. About one in eight women in the US will develop breast cancer. This poses the question: what can you do to improve breast cancer? Breast cancer results from breast cells mutating and creating a tumor. […]
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The Effects of Cortisol in Mother's Milk and How to Reduce It

Breastfeeding is a major part of the postpartum period for many women. Not only can breastfeeding help in increasing the bond between mother and baby, but breast milk is also the primary source of food for most infants in the first six months of life. However, along with all the nutrients from breast milk, an […]
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New Hormone Therapy Guidelines to Consider Before Starting HRT

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been the standard protocol in addressing the many symptoms women experience during menopause. Over the years, however, clinical trials have shown that HRT may pose serious health risks to some women. As a result, the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), as well as various health bodies across the globe, have […]
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Exploring the Link Between Melatonin and Breast Cancer

The most recent research suggests that there’s a link between the hormone known as melatonin and breast cancer. And this link may suggest a new way forward in the fight to prevent and eliminate breast cancer. It may even work to protect you against tests that involve radiation, which can be very reassuring for women […]
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Sperm Health: Ways to Improve It and Live a Happier Life

As we all know, sperm is responsible for fertilizing an egg, which leads to creating a new human being. Sperm can also be called “male seed” or “semen,” produced in the testicles. Healthy sperm is the key to a happy life and a happy, healthy family. That’s why improving your sperm health is so important. […]
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Hormone Pellet Therapy: Is It Safe? What Are The Alternatives?

Menopause! That time in a woman’s life when her hormones go haywire, hot flashes abound, mood swings hit you unexpectedly, and you see an increase in fat around the belly without knowing why. And these are just a few of the symptoms. All this happens because, essentially, your hormones are no longer in a state […]
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Effective Strategies for Improving Male Fertility

Are you struggling to conceive a child? Male fertility is an issue that few people talk about, but it is more common than you might think. The key to overcoming these difficulties and starting your family is to get help as soon as possible if you think you may have an issue. There are several […]
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