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Cycle Syncing: How Hacking Your Period Could Lead To A Better You

Cycle syncing is a new concept which promises to help women harness the power of their menstrual cycle. This practice revolves around understanding how your reproductive hormone fluctuations affect your mood and daily performance. While understanding the phases of your cycle may not appear to be a big deal, some argue that it may have […]
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The Four Key Aspects of Holistic Hormone Balance: Rejuvenate the Body Naturally

Unless you’ve experienced a major hormonal change, such as pregnancy or menopause, you may not be aware of just how much hormones affect your health and wellbeing. They can have a major influence on just about every part of your body and how you feel as a whole. And even if you aren’t currently experiencing […]
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High Cortisol Levels: Causes, Testing, and Care Options

Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone. It's released by your adrenal glands when you experience stress from any source, whether it's psychological, physiological, or environmental. For example, your body might release cortisol to help you cope with a demanding work situation, an injury or illness, or exposure to toxins. Under normal conditions, your cortisol […]
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The Most Common Causes of Fatigue in Women and What to Do About Them

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you ignore your tiredness because you’re busy with work, relationships, kids, and other responsibilities? Feeling tired all the time isn’t normal, no matter how much you multitask or how many responsibilities you have. In our society, fatigue in women is often ignored or even seen as normal. […]
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Causes of a Low Libido and How to Get Your Drive Back

Everyone has periods when they are not as interested in sex. This is normal, and it's also normal to sometimes have less interest than your partner. But if you have low libido for a long time, it could indicate some underlying issues that may need your attention. This can be the kind of problem you […]
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How to Deal With MTHFR and Infertility

Infertility is a growing problem in the modern world for a number of reasons. And some of them have to do with MTHFR mutations. These gene mutations are found in around 40% of the population and can impact your chances of getting through a pregnancy successfully. But while you can't change your genes, by making […]
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How to Rebalance Your Hormones With the PCOS Diet

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects many women, and it is to blame for some uncomfortable, painful, and potentially embarrassing symptoms. It can also be very difficult to manage, as there is no way to eliminate it completely. However, that doesn’t mean that there's nothing you can do. The PCOS diet is […]
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Hysterectomy and Hormones: What to Know Before You Go Under the Knife

More than half a million women in the United States undergo a hysterectomy each year. It's a commonly recommended procedure. Yet it can have unintended consequences. A hysterectomy and hormones are closely related, and many women experience a hormone imbalance after the procedure, along with other symptoms like urinary incontinence or continued bleeding. Before you […]
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Adrenal Gland Function: What You Need to Know

Your adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys. As a part of the endocrine system, they control several hormone-related activities in your body. Many conditions can affect your adrenal gland function, and knowing what you might be dealing with is key to addressing them appropriately. Adrenal Gland Function Explained Each of your adrenal glands […]
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Hormonal IUD Risks You Need To Be Aware Of

While birth control is a very useful and important part of overall health, choosing the right type for you involves knowing how it will affect you - both the benefits and the potential hazards. In this article, we’ll talk about coils or IUDs, which stands for intrauterine devices. These devices are inserted into the uterus […]
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