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A Guide to Truffle Oil: Health Benefits and 3 Ways to Cook With It

As more and more Americans go back to cooking healthy foods from scratch, interest is also increasing in finding new ways to experiment with herbs and spices in new recipes. Likewise, more people are trying out different oils for cooking and adding to foods. Oils infused with other flavors are an especially interesting way to […]
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The Top 10 Surprising Macadamia Nuts Benefits

You probably already know that nuts carry a number of different health benefits. They’re full of healthy fats and help with appetite management. But if you haven't tried macadamia nuts, you're missing out. These round, creamy nuts are tasty, go well in many recipes, and have some important health benefits as well. If you’re thinking […]
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The Science Behind the Fasting Mimicking Diet: Could It Help You?

In the last few years, we’ve seen a huge rise in the popularity of fasting. And, along with that rise in popularity, there’s been an increase in scientific studies regarding its efficacy as a weight-loss method as well as for its different health benefits. Recently, the fasting mimicking diet (FMD) has come into the spotlight […]
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The Symptoms of Dehydration You Didn't Know You Had

You probably already know you should drink more while doing strenuous exercise or when the weather is hot to avoid dehydration. You may even chant "stay hydrated" to yourself like a mantra. But dehydration can happen at any time, not just when you are sweating a lot. All of us can start to experience symptoms […]
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The 11 Most Important and Science-Backed Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is one of the most commonly used and yet overlooked spices in your kitchen. Besides being spicy and delicious, it's been used as medicine for thousands of years. And research increasingly supports many of these uses. The benefits of ginger range from reducing inflammation to helping nausea, and there are several surprising benefits as […]
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Five Steps to Boost Energy Levels and Keep Them Up All Day

These days, it seems like everyone needs an energy boost. Long working hours, stressful life situations, the convenience of processed food, too much screen time, and less access to nature are some of the most common energy-zappers out there. But even chronic conditions that affect energy levels are becoming increasingly common as well. That includes […]
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The Complete Guide on How to Give Up Coffee

There’s nothing quite like that first mouthful of coffee in the morning, is there? The taste, the smell, and the bolt of energy, right when you need it most. Like most things in life, coffee can be both good and bad for your health. A little can be healthy, but a lot can be outright […]
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22 Home Remedies for Heartburn

Heartburn. This burning, painful feeling in your throat and chest afflicts up to 14% of Americans on a frequent, if not daily, basis. This is why there are so many advertisements for different medications that claim to either relieve or prevent heartburn. But if you’re like a lot of people and don’t want to take […]
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Low Sugar Causes: What Are They and How Do You Deal with Them?

Blood sugar fuels your body, so keeping your level in the normal range helps you feel energetic and allows cells to operate as they should. Throughout the day your blood sugar levels naturally fluctuate. A number of variables play a part in this changing level. If your sugar levels stay within the normal range, you […]
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Serotonin-Boosting Foods To Improve Your Mood

Serotonin is a chemical messenger or a neurotransmitter. It's commonly referred to as a ‘feel-good’ hormone, is involved in many different body processes.  Serotonin is made from the essential amino acid tryptophan that's commonly found in certain foods. So let's discover how you can help regulate your serotonin levels by consuming serotonin-boosting foods. The Benefits […]
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