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Sea Greens: The Complete Guide to These Natural Superfoods

People have been eating sea greens for thousands of years. Seaweeds are among the most nutritious foods you can eat. They are packed with minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients - some of which have many benefits for health. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and they taste a little bit like the ocean. These underutilized […]
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How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally: A Guide

According to statistics released by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Diabetes Atlas, the United States has the highest percentage of diabetes when compared to other developed countries. Roughly eleven percent of the population between the ages of twenty and seventy-nine years has the condition. And these statistics do not include those outside these age parameters. […]
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The Four Key Aspects of Holistic Hormone Balance: Rejuvenate the Body Naturally

Unless you’ve experienced a major hormonal change, such as pregnancy or menopause, you may not be aware of just how much hormones affect your health and wellbeing. They can have a major influence on just about every part of your body and how you feel as a whole. And even if you aren’t currently experiencing […]
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7 Natural Metabolism Boosters to Lose Weight and Have More Energy

Metabolism, especially low metabolism, is a common term in wellness circles. You may have heard about it in conversation or in an article. Metabolism is an important process within the body and plays many important roles. Since it plays such a crucial role in your body, it’s important to ensure that your metabolism is running […]
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Diet, Bodywork and Anti-Aging: Staying Young From the Inside Out

Do you have a regular, anti-aging routine? Does it apply to every part of your body? When most people think about anti-aging, there are usually parts of the body that they forget about. Unfortunately, these neglected parts can then start to undermine your efforts to keep your body feeling and looking its best. To help […]
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The Sirtfood Diet: Pros, Cons, and Science-Supported Sirtuin Benefits

The sirtfood diet is an increasingly popular diet that hopes to promote weight loss and slow aging. It comes with a specific food list and requires restricted calorie intake. Unlike other diets, you can indulge in dark chocolate and red wine. According to celebrity nutritionists, these sirtfoods trigger the "skinny genes" through activating sirtuin proteins. […]
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Diet for Dementia Prevention: The Best Foods to Protect Your Brain Health

Most people think of dementia as something age-related. And the elderly do make up the highest percentage of those with dementia. But there are also many other factors that affect your risk for dementia, and not all of them are inevitable. In fact, recent literature suggests that you can reduce your risk of this health […]
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15 Healthy Topping Ideas to Elevate Your Rice Cake Snacks

We often find ourselves in a position where we want to eat healthily but run out of ideas. But healthy eating is not that difficult, especially if you start thinking about the many possibilities concerning toppings. And here, rice cake snacks fit the bill. You can concoct an endless variety of healthy options to ensure […]
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Healthy Bedtime Snacks: The Best Foods to Help You Sleep Better

Do you often feel hunger pangs during the latter part of the evening? You also probably know that late-night snacking could lead to obesity, blood sugar issues, and even cardiometabolic conditions. Unless, of course, you purposely choose healthy bedtime snacks! Eating the right snacks can promote a better quality of sleep, help balance your blood […]
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The Healthiest Types of Fat: All You Need To Know

Different types of fat have played an essential role in human nutrition throughout history, and they continue to do so today. Fat is vital for the body as a source of energy and essential nutrients. It is also crucial for regulating hormones and absorbing specific vitamins. As humans evolved, we consumed a wide variety of […]
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