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Are Symptoms of Menopause and Diabetes Risk Linked?

Menopause comes with a lot of changes that can cause a host of symptoms and can contribute to concerning health conditions. One of these conditions is diabetes. While menopause does not cause diabetes, many going through menopause are at increased risk for this condition. Symptoms of menopause and diabetes risk are linked, if indirectly. This […]
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Adrenaline Dominance: The Effects of Excessive Adrenaline

Insulin, cortisol, and adrenaline are three hormones that play important roles in regulating various physiological processes in the human body. They are interconnected in complex ways and can have significant effects on each other's functions. While insulin and cortisol are involved in day-to-day stress, adrenaline is released in times of emergency as part of the […]
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Berberine for Heart Health and Diabetes

Berberine is a remedy that has long been used by practitioners of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It was considered an antimicrobial, antiprotozoal, and antidiarrhea agent. Research in humans has found that many of these claims as to the benefits of berberine are true. What Is Berberine? Berberine is an alkaloid compound found in the […]
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How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally: A Guide

According to statistics released by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Diabetes Atlas, the United States has the highest percentage of diabetes when compared to other developed countries. Roughly eleven percent of the population between the ages of twenty and seventy-nine years has the condition. And these statistics do not include those outside these age parameters. […]
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How to Prevent Hyperglycemia and Dementia

Hyperglycemia means high glucose or sugar levels in your blood. The hormone insulin helps move sugar from your bloodstream to your cells. Your cells then use sugar for energy. Hyperglycemia happens when your body doesn’t have enough insulin to do this task. As a result, it can lead to many health problems like diabetes. Studies […]
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Low Sugar Causes: What Are They and How Do You Deal with Them?

Blood sugar fuels your body, so keeping your level in the normal range helps you feel energetic and allows cells to operate as they should. Throughout the day your blood sugar levels naturally fluctuate. A number of variables play a part in this changing level. If your sugar levels stay within the normal range, you […]
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When Low Blood Sugar Causes Anxiety

Restlessness, muscle tension, irritability, trouble concentrating and relaxing, continual fears that something bad might happen... All are signs of anxiety. Anxiety is hard to live with, and even harder to prevent. Research has found that in some cases though, low blood sugar causes anxiety. And resolving your symptoms could depend on your ability to keep […]
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Why You Should Stick To Eating Low Glycemic Index Fruits

The Benefits of Sticking to Low Glycemic Index Fruits One of the most important markers for health is blood sugar levels. The more stable and within the healthy range your levels are, the less likely you are to get the negative side effects associated with low or high blood sugar levels. This is especially the […]
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Why the Relationship Between the Keto Diet and Diabetes is Complicated for Adrenal Fatigue Sufferers

In today's world, an increasing number of people are diagnosed with diabetes. In fact, the American Diabetes Association estimates that in 2015, 30.3 million Americans were living with diabetes. Furthermore, as many as 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with this disease every year. Because of this, experts are working hard to find a diet that […]
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How Healthy Is Your Diet Soda?

Loaded with tons of empty calories and sugar, soda can be a part of your healthy diet plan when rarely enjoyed as a special treat. But which one should you go for when you are in a mood for soda? Diet soda or the regular one filled with artificial sweeteners. There has been a lot […]
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