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The Truth of Liver Detox Protocols: Should You Try It?

Considering a liver detox? The liver performs over 500 essential functions in your body. So, when it’s unhealthy, there’s no way that you can feel and perform at your best. It makes sense to give your liver some TLC. However, there's a lot of controversy about whether liver detoxes are the best way to do […]
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The Absolute Best Herbs for Effective Kidney Support

Your kidneys take care of a lot of essential functions in your body. And yet most people ignore them until something goes wrong. You don't have to wait for something to fail before you start taking better care of these key organs. These herbs for kidney support are safe and effective, and they can help […]
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How to Choose the Best Water Filters for Toxins

Water is probably the most essential resource in the world. Every living thing on the planet needs water and not drinking enough water can leave you with creeping health problems. Unfortunately, the modern world has impacted even this essential resource. If you drink water from your tap, then you might be getting mouthfuls of toxins […]
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Diatomaceous Earth: Potential Uses and Cautions

Not all herbs and supplements have research to support their use. This holds true for diatomaceous earth. However, this does not necessarily mean it is ineffective. Diatomaceous earth has many anecdotal proponents. This article investigates their claims. What is Diatomaceous Earth? A special kind of sand consisting of fossilized algae, diatomaceous earth (DE) has been […]
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A Guide To Common Mold Exposure Symptoms: How Worried Should You Be?

Mold can grow anywhere in the home and many people believe that it can cause a range of problems from cancer to lung disease. Although there’s no evidence that mold can cause these health threats, this doesn’t mean that it’s harmless. There’s a range of mold exposure symptoms that you may experience when you breathe […]
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Detox Your Liver Successfully: 10 Proven Ways

Detoxification typically means getting rid of harmful substances like alcohol or drugs from the body. However, it also can refer to ways to detox your liver from the effects of alcohol or other toxins. Your liver comprises the primary filtration system of your body. So, its primary job involves changing toxins into waste products, cleansing […]
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Microplastic: Exploring Its Impact On Your Health

The modern world has lots of benefits and conveniences. It’s now easier than ever to perform household tasks and store food or household chemicals. However, all these conveniences have their downside, and the most obvious is the overuse of plastic. Plastic is a serious environmental threat, but it turns out that it may be just […]
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Supplements for Epstein-Barr Virus

Did you know there is aF secret pandemic across the globe that nobody is talking about? What if you were told that about 225 million Americans have some form of this condition? Many of the health issues going around could be the result of a single virus? The Epstein-Barr virus may be responsible for myriad […]
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Epstein-Barr Virus and Fibromyalgia: The Mystery Link?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that involves pain in different areas of the body, accompanied by fatigue, sleep disturbance, and cognitive dysfunction. It took a long time for the medical community to recognize fibromyalgia as a genuine health condition and understand its causes. Fibromyalgia involves the maladaptive response of the body to stressful conditions involving […]
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9 Ways to Achieve an Adrenal Cleanse

You know what your adrenal glands are and a lot about what they do in your body. But did you know they can become overburdened due to stress primarily? And when that happens, your adrenals become fatigued. Once that happens you can benefit greatly from going through an adrenal cleanse. Why an Adrenal Cleanse? On […]
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