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The Top 7 Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a popular sport in the summer months, and if you are willing to brave the indoor swimming pool or wear a wetsuit, you can enjoy swimming all year round. Swimming is a low-impact form of exercise that can be great for your joints and help people with many different conditions enjoy the benefits […]
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The Top 23 Botanicals for Healthy Blood Pressure

Many factors can lead to high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, a condition that more than half the adult US population contends with in some way. It is also one of the most common, yet preventable, risks of heart disease. Modern medicine tends to try and address high blood pressure using manufactured medications. Unfortunately, […]
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EVOO Benefits: 7 Ways Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Protect Your Health

If you have been perusing wellness sites and stores, you may have come across a product that goes by the name of EVOO. It's not a strange and foreign health product - EVOO is simply the shortened term for extra virgin olive oil. The use of EVOO has expanded dramatically from being used as a tasty […]
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Types of Arrhythmia and 9 Arrhythmia Supplements That May Help

Arrhythmia is a term that refers to an irregular heartbeat. It could be faster or slower than normal or have an atypical beat. A normal heartbeat has a steady rhythm and beats anywhere between sixty and one hundred times a minute. If you have an irregular heartbeat, your healthcare provider may suggest the use of […]
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Oral-Cardiovascular Health: The Hidden Connection

Did you know there may be an oral-cardiovascular connection? Many studies suggest that there is a strong connection between oral health and heart disease risk. The US Surgeon General’s 2000 report, Oral Health in America, supports this. According to the report, oral health may relate to over ninety percent of systemic health issues. Literature does […]
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A Guide to Choosing the Healthiest Sources of Dietary Protein

Your dietary protein includes sources of protein foods. These foods are important for growth and tissue repair, building and maintaining muscles, bones, and skin, and play a key role in hormone regulation and digestion. Being mindful of the quantity and sources of proteins is essential for promoting optimal health and minimizing the risk of serious […]
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Understanding Heart Palpitations And How To Prevent Them

Heart palpitations can be experienced by individuals differently and can be perceived as the heart fluttering, skipping a beat, slowing down, murmuring, racing pulse, throbbing, flip-flopping, or pounding. For some people, palpitations can be alarming and bothersome, but mostly, they tend to be harmless. However, they can be signs of a serious health condition, like […]
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Red Yeast Rice: An Effective Supplement to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

Did you know that about 94 million adults in the United States have high cholesterol levels? That’s a worrying statistic, considering the numerous heart risks accompanying elevated cholesterol levels. To combat this, many have turned to different supplements with cholesterol-lowering potential, and one of the more common ones is red yeast rice. However, it is […]
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HIIT Exercise: Reaping Maximum Exercise Benefits in Minimal Time

Exercising is well known to have several health and wellness benefits. Although this is common knowledge in society today, many people still don’t exercise enough. One of the biggest excuses for insufficient physical inactivity is lack of time. However, with HIIT exercise, people can enjoy the benefits of physical activity in minimal time. Here, we […]
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IV Oxygen Therapy: An Unlikely Method for Combating Inflammation and Autoimmune Conditions

Oxygen therapy is definitely not a new concept. It simply involves supplementing oxygen to individuals that need it. However, IV oxygen therapy is not as common or straightforward as other oxygen therapy techniques. The very idea of injecting oxygen, a gas, into the blood goes against several medical laws, posing the risk of embolism. So […]
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