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HIIT Exercise: Reaping Maximum Exercise Benefits in Minimal Time

Exercising is well known to have several health and wellness benefits. Although this is common knowledge in society today, many people still don’t exercise enough. One of the biggest excuses for insufficient physical inactivity is lack of time. However, with HIIT exercise, people can enjoy the benefits of physical activity in minimal time. Here, we […]
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IV Oxygen Therapy: An Unlikely Method for Combating Inflammation and Autoimmune Conditions

Oxygen therapy is definitely not a new concept. It simply involves supplementing oxygen to individuals that need it. However, IV oxygen therapy is not as common or straightforward as other oxygen therapy techniques. The very idea of injecting oxygen, a gas, into the blood goes against several medical laws, posing the risk of embolism. So […]
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Serrapeptase: The Silkworm Enzyme for Fighting Inflammation and Infection

There has been an uptrend in supplement usage in the United States, and one supplement that has gained traction recently is serrapeptase. Obtained from the silkworm, many have disputed the health benefits of serrapeptase, dismissing it as just another overhyped supplement. What are these health benefits, and are they really true? Let’s find out. What […]
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New Research on Nattokinase for Clot Prevention, Cholesterol, and More

Nattokinase was discovered in the 1980s by Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi, a researcher at the Chicago University Medical School. It’s a protease enzyme that is thought to limit cardiovascular events and prevent thrombus formation and blood clotting. Another benefit is its potential to ameliorate pain and inflammation through anti-inflammatory activities. Furthermore, the enzyme may also prove […]
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4 Salt Water Benefits and Major Drawbacks

The practice of drinking salt water, be it for bathing, rinsing, or drinking, is becoming increasingly popular. Gone are the days that limit it to the beach. Salt water benefits are plentiful. Let’s take a look at this trend and some of the salt water benefits. Salt Water and Sea Water The term salt water […]
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Surprising Vitamin K Benefits for Your Bones and Heart

The human body needs a lot of different vitamins and nutrients to function correctly. Roughly 42% of Americans are vitamin D deficient, but supplementing with this vitamin alone isn’t enough. Vitamin D helps increase the levels of calcium available in your body, but taken alone, it can end up depositing that calcium in places where […]
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Peptide Therapy For Your Heart

Peptides are specific compounds in the body made up of a chain of amino acids. Their actions in the body encompass the functions of protein, hormone, or digestive aide. Peptide therapy continues as the focus of a great deal of research effort particularly as it shows promise in the care of heart conditions. Much of […]
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Circulation Boosting Nutrients to Support Your Heart, Metabolism, and Detoxification

Many of us have blood circulation problems that we are entirely unaware of until a visit to the doctor's office. For some, genes and aging contribute to this issue, but for many, lifestyle issues that include long periods of sitting cause the problem. While you may not be able to do much about a work […]
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Endothelial Dysfunction: New Pathways in Healing Cardiac Disease

Heart disease is usually ascribed to many different causes. Amongst these are issues relating to the blood vessels, including coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, and even congenital heart defects. According to new research, however, endothelial dysfunction may play a significant role in the development of heart conditions. Symptoms commonly associated with heart conditions include shortness of […]
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The Cardiovascular Risks of Artificial Sweeteners

Before you reach for that artificially sweetened soft drink, there’s something you should contemplate - is that sugar-free soda you’re about to drink really good for you? Does it offer you great benefits for your weight loss program? There‘s a great deal of controversy these days on the subject of sugar versus artificial sweeteners, and […]
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