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A Guide to Healthy Eating Basics: 5 Food Groups and How Much You Need of Each

Food is more than just the fuel needed to give your body energy to function. It also provides the nutrients needed to carry out many vital functions in the brain, organs, muscles, bones, cells, and more. Healthy eating provides us with these nutrients. Healthy eating does not mean you need to subsist on a diet […]
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The Green Mediterranean Diet: Pros and Cons

Whether you are on a weight loss journey, simply want to fuel your body the right way, or want to try something different for your personal well-being, trying healthy diet plans may help. The green Mediterranean diet, also known as the green Med diet, is growing in popularity and appears to have several health benefits. […]
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How to Follow The Dukan Diet

Pierre Dukan, a French doctor and nutritionist, designed the Dukan Diet in 2000. Although it has gained popularity as a diet that allows you to quickly lose weight and sustain the weight loss, some health experts feel the diet is unhealthy with too many restrictions. What Is The Dukan Diet? A low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet, the […]
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Gallbladder Problems: Signs, Causes, and Management Options

The only time most people pay any sort of attention to their gallbladder is when something is wrong with it. Despite not being an essential organ, gallbladder problems can be hugely uncomfortable and threaten health and well-being. There are several different causes of these problems, and we will examine them here, as well as possible […]
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Easy Ways To Stay Active and Improve Your Health

It’s difficult to stay active in the modern world, where almost everything seems designed to encourage you to sit down for hours on end. But whether you sit down all day for work or find yourself on the couch watching TV or playing on your phone once you get home, this is a habit that […]
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9 Body Positive Weight Loss Strategies

The term "body positive" means loving your body the way it is. There's a tendency to try to mimic models in magazines or our favorite movie stars. Whether plank thin, muscular, large-breasted, or sporting a large derriere, we want to emulate the people our society holds up as desirable. But it is not always possible […]
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The 8 Healthiest Cooking Oils

How you cook your food plays a huge role in your nutrition and your overall health and wellness. This includes how you cook, but also the hidden ingredients involved in different cooking methods. One of the main ingredients used in the cooking process is cooking oil. However, not all of them are equally healthy, or […]
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RDA for Protein: Is It Sufficient to Maintain Good Health?

Protein is a key part of any diet, with experts even arguing that it is the most important part of a meal. While the importance of protein in any diet is not up for debate, there’s a lot of controversy about how much protein we actually need. Although there’s a standard RDA for protein, recent […]
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How Healthy Are Air-Fried Foods?

You may love it, loathe it, or not do it at all - but everyone can agree that cooking is an important part of life. It’s an activity you start your day with and generally end your day off with. And even if you avoid cooking completely, you still eat the results - prepared foods. […]
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How to Decide Which Oils to Cook With: A Guide to 14 of the Most Common Cooking Oils

For years, health gurus have claimed fats were bad for you - all fats, no matter their source. Yet the truth is that fat is an essential part of a healthy diet. While this does not mean you consume large quantities of fat, you most certainly can opt for healthier fat options. And this includes […]
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