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Food Sensitivity Symptoms And Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

The gradual onset of food sensitivity symptoms may make identifying them difficultAs far as food sensitivity symptoms are concerned, they are either delayed or acute. Specific types of food tend to be the issue when the problem is caused by adrenal fatigue. Food sensitivity symptoms vary from each individual. Although these problems can be unpleasant, they are not generally urgent or cause for emergencies, such as in the case of anaphylactic shock. After eating one's trigger food an individual may experience a delay for a period of time, generally one or two days. Fatigue and anxiety are major indicators of adrenal fatigue. In this case one will also likely experience a lack of clarity or fogginess in their thought processes, otherwise known as brain fog.

Slow onset, including the symptoms, just mentioned, is characteristic and typical for those experiencing adrenal fatigue. This specific kind of delayed food sensitivity, which may present itself hours and sometimes even days after exposure, is called IgG-mediated sensitivity. IgG is the antibody immunoglobulin G. This is sometimes termed delayed food reactions. Acute allergies are entirely different from delayed. Someone with an acute allergy will experience a much more immediate and urgent reaction, such as when an individual eats nuts and stops breathing. Delayed food sensitivities do not come on suddenly but work progressively and gradually. It slowly becomes worse. If food sensitivities are not properly identified and addressed it can become more consequential and worse over time. This is especially the case when one has a food sensitivity to gluten, soy, wheat, corn, and dairy products.

Advanced Adrenal Fatigue

The longer one allows the food sensitivity symptoms to exist uncorrected, the more chances of the condition increasing in severity. The more an individual is exposed to these foods the less they may be able to tolerate the issue. The immune system is a fast learner and can detect what enters your body very quickly given repeat exposure. As the problem progresses it may require less and less food in order to trigger the same degree of sensitivity. However, food sensitivity may also take a long time to progress before it becomes really sever. This sensitivity can present itself in headaches, irritability, and the loss of mental clarity. The good news is it is possible to track the progression of the sensitivity and watch how it progresses.

Once we begin to see these pronounced, more obvious symptoms as mentioned, it is likely that the adrenal fatigue is already in its advanced stages. Fogginess, anxiety, irritability, and headaches are not generally indicators of the early stage of adrenal fatigue. When these issues are experienced it typically means that the body is already going through an ordeal. In advanced stages of adrenal fatigue, the body is weakened and typically congested. The congestion can result from a variety of factors, but suffice to say, when the body is congested, it becomes more sensitive. This is because the molecules in your body that are causing the sensitivity are not getting broken down and cleaned up, instead they are lingering in your body for a longer time, increasing in quantity. As the congestion worsens, the sensitivity will worsen, and once the issue has been ongoing for some time you will begin to feel the outward, unpleasant effects more prominently. Not all days will be bad, especially when an individual first begins to experience the symptoms. As the food sensitivity symptoms continue to grow in severity, however, the body will become more weak and less able to handle and tolerate the foods it is sensitive to.

How to Address Adrenal Fatigue and Food Sensitivity Symptoms

Sufferers of adrenal fatigue with food sensitivity symptoms may not be able to enjoy foods like dairy productsThe very first step in managing the problem is, of course, recognizing that the issue is related to adrenal fatigue. Delayed food sensitivity, which is connected to adrenal sensitivity, essentially means that certain modes and functions in the body are slowing down. The foods most likely to be responsible are dairy products, wheat, and corn. If one notices they are experiencing symptoms after eating such foods it is likely due to food sensitivity.

The most definitive method for reducing food sensitivities is to heal your adrenals and decrease congestion. Unfortunately, this process can take a while. In the meantime, it is best to avoid foods that you are sensitive to. Unfortunately food testing can be inaccurate when trying to determine the problem at hand. Even if it appears that the tests have concluded one or more food sensitivities, odds are there are more foods than the tests have confirmed. In cases of food sensitivity the body generally responds to a variety of different foods rather than a mere few. The simplest and most tactful way to assess one's food sensitivity problems is to cut certain types of food out of their diet, such as gluten, wheat, corn, and so on. Using a selective process can more conclusively determine the trigger foods. Simply assess how the body responds after eating certain things and see if it symptoms subside after cutting out problem foods.

Other Implications and Factors

It is important to remember and note that all of this information is correlated to advanced adrenal fatigue. A few things happen within the body when it is coping with advanced adrenal fatigue. Firstly, the body begins to slow down. Assimilation also slows down and the biome in the gut becomes disrupted. PH will be disrupted as dysbiosis—which means microbial imbalance—takes place in the body, primarily in the digestive tract. This essentially means that the body will have a harder time breaking down food which in turn causes a cycle and makes food sensitivities worse. When food particles are bigger and not properly broken down it is more difficult for the liver to properly function. When the liver is being confronted with these large food particles it must work twice as hard, and this creates excessive metabolites. These excessive metabolites in turn lead to toxic reactions which, as can be assumed, will lead to more health issues. When trying to understand the problem at hand it is vital to look at all aspects of the condition. Adrenal issues are common along with food sensitivities for these reasons.

Adrenal fatigue can cause hormonal issues such as a rise in histamine levels which can exacerbate food sensitivity symptomsThe adrenal function is important in food sensitivity symptoms because of the hormone release involved. The hormone cortisol is particularly important in this regard as it reduces inflammation. Adrenal fatigue tends to lead to sensitivities or exaggerate preexisting ones. Histamine is another important factor and the adrenal function helps to regulate the amount released. The more histamine that is being released, the harder the adrenal glands must work to produce a sufficient amount of cortisol, and from this relationship a cycle can ensue. This cycle leads to worse food sensitivity symptoms as well as deepened adrenal fatigue. On top of this, histamine is also broken down in the liver. If the liver is backed up and congested, then histamine will not be broken down it’s levels will rise in your body leading to more inflammation. Breaking the cycle, by cutting out problematic foods, is one of the best ways to end the problems and begin strengthening the adrenal function. This will also keep sensitivities from growing more severe over time. After this one can begin building up their body's defenses once more and improving overall health.

Dr. Lam's Key Questions

With proper managements of AFS, the food sensitivities can improve.

Having anxiety or irritability are not common symptoms of food allergies. But when your body have so many food allergies, the adrenal glands become stressed and fatigue, as a result anxiety or irritability may result.

It is possible because the body is constantly in a flight and fight mode when you have allergies.

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