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Blood Type Diet - Type O Diet Chart

Let's find out if you have Adrenal FatigueLet's find out if you have Adrenal Fatigue

Your Blood Type Diet Chart

An image of an assortment of raw meat with herbsType O blood often signifies a physiology which is uniquely suited to processing animal proteins. As a result of this efficiency, the optimal diet for those with Type O blood features a lot of meat, poultry, and seafood. These high-quality proteins are efficiently processed and converted into nutrition for the body to provide energy and ensure the healthy function of the body’s many different systems. On the other hand, gluten in many grain products, can antagonize the body and throw a wrench in its works, creating stress on the body and creating imbalances. We see lots of people in our coaching program who are experiencing this kind of stress and need our help with their recovery.

Following the correct blood type diet for Type O blood helps ensure the body’s equilibrium and functioning are maintained. Find out which foods are best for the Type O blood type diet and which to avoid using the chart below.

Blood Type Diet Chart - Blood Type O
Characteristics of Type O: Best on High Protein Diet

  1. Thrive on intense physical exercise and animal proteins
  2. Do not do well with dairy and grain products
  3. Hardy digestive tract
  4. The leading factor in weight gain for Type Os is the gluten found in wheat germ and whole wheat
  5. Type O have a tendency to have low levels of thyroid hormone and unstable thyroid functions,
    which cause metabolic problems and weight gain.
  6. Type O have high stomach-acid content, can digest meat easily.

How to Change Your Diet Safely

1 If you are feeling tired, having trouble losing weight, feeling anxious, or having trouble sleeping, then the blood type diet may be right for you. If you have Type O blood, then focusing on animal products may be very beneficial for your body. here are some tips on how to switch to a blood type O diet.

  • Talk to an experienced health practitioner first so that you can identify and eliminate any potential causes for your symptoms
  • Change your diet slowly and listen to your body throughout the process
  • Stop if you notice any adverse effects from the changes

While the blood type diet can be amazing, there are several other issues that you might want to consider before jumping into this diet as there may be an underlying condition you are not looking at. In our coaching program, we help people identify these underlying problems so they can enjoy real and lasting good health. In our coaching program, we help people identify these underlying problems so they can enjoy real and lasting good health.

2 There are many illnesses and conditions that can bring on weight gain, fatigue and other symptoms. Adrenal fatigue is one such condition. In fact many people don't even know they have adrenal fatigue. If you haven't heard of adrenal fatigue, then take this simple 3 minute test to find out if you have it. Make sure you research thoroughly before jumping into a diet that can affect your health. Our nutritional coaching team has helped many people avoid the pitfalls that can occur when the wrong diet is chosen.

3 If you want to start losing weight, or need help changing your diet, give our office a call at +1 (626) 571-1234 for a free consultation. We will talk to you about your health goals and let you know if you are on the right track and if the blood type diet is right for you or not. Having a health coach by your side every step of the way will make it that much easier to achieve your goals.

Supplement for Blood Type O

Supplementation with Deflect O can be a valuable addition to the Blood Type O diet, as it offers a targeted approach to address the unique dietary considerations of Blood Type O individuals. By harnessing the power of natural ingredients like N-acetyl D-glucosamine and D-mannose, Deflect O aids in blocking harmful lectins that can disrupt digestion and potentially lead to inflammation in Blood Type O individuals. This supplement aligns seamlessly with the principles of the Blood Type Diet, helping individuals with Blood Type O fine-tune their nutrition to support optimal health and well-being. By incorporating Deflect O into their daily regimen, those following the Blood Type O diet can further personalize their approach and enhance their dietary choices to better suit their genetic predispositions.

The Takeaway

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to diets. Everybody is different and needs individual care and attention. That’s why so many people have found success through our nutritional coaching program. Before you choose a diet, you need to:

  1. Identify which diet is right for your body.
  2. Adapt the diet to your health condition and lifestyle.
  3. Identify and avoid potential pitfalls in changing your diet (this is common for people with AFS).

For personalized help and guidance in choosing the right diet for you, contact our coaching team at +1 (626) 571-1234 for a FREE** health consultation.

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