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More Than Just Fashion: The Health Benefits of Jewelry

green emeralds and the Benefits of JewelryMarilyn Monroe is quoted as saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and Elizabeth Taylor as saying “jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” While both these screen icons might be referring to the way jewelry makes you feel or the overall image it may help you portray, the health benefits of jewelry are much more than just in the look.

Jewelry gives us the means to express our own style and individuality. Costume jewelry is the rage these days, with people having pieces that fit just about any occasion. And nobody asks whether it is the ‘real’ thing. Crystals of all shapes and sizes adorn our earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, and are set in anything from 18-carat gold to a copper wire. If it fits the clothes and the occasion, the piece works.

For centuries, however, man has had a closer relationship with jewelry than just something that is considered fashionable. In fact, many metals, precious, and semi-precious stones have been endowed with certain health benefits. Many cultures have seen pieces designed keeping the specific health benefits of jewelry in mind. Scientists, in general, and the medical profession more specifically, have never really taken note of the possible health benefits of jewelry into consideration. In fact, just about every time a topic espouses the health benefits of jewelry, whether referring to specific stones or metals, it has been ridiculed. But things may be changing.

Your body, for example, uses certain metals in order to function properly. These metals can be absorbed by the skin. Our bodies, unfortunately, due to our diets, often have shortages of these metals, resulting in the development of certain illnesses or diseases. An iron deficiency, as an example, is something that develops over quite a considerable period, but eventually causes anemia. This may leave you constantly feeling weak and exhausted, and you may even find your cognitive function starts becoming affected. These symptoms are common in those with adrenal fatigue.

Benefits of Jewelry and certain stones can emit different frequenciesYour body also emits frequencies, which is why it is so susceptible to the electromagnetic field around it. As a point of interest, the constant bombardment we are subjected to by different electromagnetic waves is often a contributing factor when it comes to the occurrence of adrenal fatigue. The frequency given off by a healthy adult is between 62 and 68 Hz. When this electric frequency is thrown out of sync, it affects your body at a cellular level and may compromise your immune system, contributing to the development of numerous symptoms and conditions that may seem totally unrelated to each other. Amongst these are included anything from the common cold to candida to cancer.

Crystals, whether they are considered precious stones, e.g., diamonds, or semi-precious stones, e.g., amethysts, all give out certain frequencies. Take into consideration that crystals have long been used as a means of intensifying signals, from the first radio to today’s tiniest chips in your word processor. But not all vibrations are equal, with each crystal type giving off its own unique signal that may help address certain specific frequencies in the human body when held or worn in jewelry.

The Health Benefits of Jewelry

Jewelry is made up of two parts. The first part is the stone (if any) used, and the second, the material in which it is set. When looking at the health benefits of jewelry, we are going to first focus on the latter, i.e., the metals.

The Health Benefits of Jewelry Made of Metal


Gold has been used in the medical field for quite some time. It is an important component in numerous medical procedures, e.g., it is used to make the stents in heart procedures and the wires in pacemakers. The main reason for the use of gold is that this metal has a strong antibacterial component. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, and seems to have a positive effect with regards to your body’s immune response. Gold is also believed to help slow down aging because of its beneficial action with regards to collagen break-down, and is even thought to reverse certain signs of aging, like age spots, for example. Furthermore, gold may be beneficial to those with mood disorders as it seems to have a positive effect on mood and seems to improve self-confidence. Studies also indicate that gold may help in the treatment of certain types of cancer.


hanging balls of jewelry may exhibit different Benefits of JewelrySterling silver is a metal that, in recent decades, has come into its own, outstripping the popularity of gold. This is not surprising considering it is imminently affordable, looks good, and can be worn by most people. With regards to the health benefits of jewelry made of silver, much can be said. Silver, for instance, has powerful antimicrobial properties that are beneficial when it comes to fighting off various infections, a cold, and influenza. It is also beneficial when it comes to preventing infections in a wound. Furthermore, silver may play a positive role in your body’s heat regulation and circulation, helping to improve your energy levels and addressing mood swings.

Because it is a metal, silver is the best conductor of electricity, with copper coming in second. This means that this metal may be able to help offset the electromagnetic fields you are constantly bombarded by on a daily basis, thus supporting adrenal function.
Silver has been associated with the medical profession for a long time, especially with regards to sterilization and in antibiotics. It is also believed that silver is beneficial for blood vessel elasticity and plays a role in the formation of bones and their healing, as well as in skin and tissue repair. Research indicates that silver may help combat arthritis and reduce pain. The metal is also great at identifying certain toxins as it changes color when exposed to them, although this particular reaction may also be indicative of a sensitivity to this metal.


Many people suffering from arthritis have mentioned that wearing copper bracelets seems to provide them with relief. Research indicates that these people might be correct. Copper has anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce inflammation in those with arthritis. One study concluded that those participating in a study with regards to the effect of copper on people with rheumatoid arthritis mentioned a significant reduction in pain when wearing their bracelets.


Magnets are made of metals that have an electromagnetic force. It is this electromagnetic force that many people believe could be of aid in balancing your body’s own electromagnetic field. Many people also believe that magnetic jewelry helps to combat pain, erectile dysfunction, and insomnia.

Health Benefits of Jewelry Containing Crystals

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is said to be a calming crystal. It thus promotes a good night’s sleep, while its calming properties may be of aid to those suffering from the effects of trauma or anxiety. It may also help combat headaches.


The health benefits of jewelry containing amethyst seem to target emotional and nervous system issues. The subtle energy given off by an amethyst may also increase your creative abilities.


Pearls are believed to bring the wearer positivity. Practitioners of Eastern medicine use pearls to treat digestive issues, while it is also believed that they make women more fertile. Often used in skincare products, pearls are believed to improve your complexion.


Amber has gained popularity due to its possible pain relief properties, especially that experienced in the throat, neck, and head. Amber is also thought to control arthritis pain and reduce anxiety and fatigue.


Although worn to bring luck, aquamarine is believed to address issues relating to the eyes, teeth, and digestion.


Garnets are believed to boost the immune system, increase your energy levels, play a role in cell structure, address issues relating to the spine and spinal fluid, and regenerate DNA.

The Health Benefits of Jewelry and Adrenal Fatigue

an assortment of rare stones that can provide health Benefits of JewelryOne of the contributing factors for the occurrence of adrenal fatigue is our constant exposure to electromagnetic waves emitted from our computers, cell phones, household appliances, and even the walls around us containing electric wiring. While some people are more sensitive to their effects on us, everyone, to a greater or lesser degree, is affected.

These emissions not only impact our body’s vibrational frequency, but they also put our bodies under a great deal of stress, resulting in the body’s spontaneous survival mechanism being switched on, i.e., the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response. This sees an increase in cortisol levels in order to ensure survival. Constant stress, however, results in the NEM not getting switched off, and a corresponding increase in cortisol production as the adrenal glands strive to keep up supplying the demand.

In the long-term, all aspects of your body function become compromised, e.g., you may end up with a hormonal imbalance, a compromised immune system and corresponding autoimmune conditions, thyroid and other organ issues, and a host of other problems.

The health benefits of jewelry may give your body systemic support due to the problems they address. In so doing, while not a cure, they could form a small portion of your bigger picture to better health.

A Note of Caution

While we have tended to solely focus on all the positive health aspects of jewelry, there are some cons as well. Certain costume jewelry may actually make you ill. For example, some people may show a reaction to certain of the substances found in costume jewelry. One of these is nickel, a metal used in many of the jewelry and watch products found in stores today. Some people may have an immune reaction when in contact with this metal and develop contact dermatitis.

Do not, however, think that you are safe when you do not wear cheaper fashion jewelry. Many expensive jewelry items have a clasp that may contain nickel. Nickel is also often a compound of our clothes zips and even the hooks in a woman’s bra.

Apparently, for some odd reason, the body tends to regard nickel as an antigen, i.e., a foreign body, and tends to have an unfavorable reaction when in contact with it. This may apply to as many as one in every five people, so it is not uncommon at all.
A very small portion of people also tend to have a reaction to silver, with the first sign of their reaction being that the silver discolors. In this case, the only option is to stay away from the metal.

As for the crystals, no allergies or reactions are known. However, if using crystals to help address certain specific issues, do make sure you use the right crystal for the job. Crystals have different properties, so while one may be a mood lifter, another might just be the opposite and work at suppressing a mood. If uncertain, ask someone well-versed in their use.

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The specific health benefits of jewelry depend, to a large degree, on the components used in the particular piece. Research reveals that the different metals used may target specific health issues, as do the specific crystals that are used.

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