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FAQ: Chronic Fatigue Facts and Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Questions

Q: When discussing chronic fatigue facts, is water retention due to Adrenal Fatigue?

A: There are many reasons for water retention; a weak heart, electrolyte imbalances, and chronic fatigue facts are some reasons.

Thyroid issues can be connected to other chronic fatigue facts Q: If someone has Hashimoto’s, will it go away once AF is treated?

A: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Adrenal Fatigue both affect thyroid hormones and can interact with one another, and it is also true that Adrenal Fatigue can depress thyroid function, but the root cause is not always Adrenal Fatigue. If the adrenals are the reason for thyroid hormone dysfunction, then thyroid symptoms will subside once the adrenal glands recover. However, if they are separate issues, then recovering from Adrenal Fatigue will not cause Hashimoto’s thyroiditis to go away.

Q: What can I do to minimize stress while traveling? I travel often for work and my family always plans elaborate trips for vacations. While I always look forward to these trips, I do find that when coming back from vacation, I don't feel rested at all. In fact, I come back feeling a bit more stressed. What sort of things can I do to minimize the stress?

A: Have your family take care of all the details of traveling. You just sit on the sidelines. Bring your supplements along. Always eat snacks and eat frequently. Do the Adrenal Breathing Exercise while waiting for check-in, on the plane, or anytime while traveling. If you need to rest, just do so, and the others can do the extra activities without you.

Q: Will Dr. Lam or Dorine have me get any blood work done?

A: Blood work is not necessary when you partake in our coaching program. But the final decision is made by the coaches.

Questions such as what is chronic fatigue syndrome can be answered by chronic fatigue facts Q: How can they determine what stage I am or how they can help me if everything is done over the phone?

A: The staging is based on the symptoms you provided when you fill out the health survey and also during the initial consultation session.

Q: Will I be in a contract? What if I decide halfway through the program that it's not right for me?

A: You can always cancel the coaching program halfway through. There is no binding contract when you sign up with our program.

Understanding chronic fatigue factsQ: I'm concerned about the salt challenge and Vitamin C challenge. How do my reactions or lack of reactions determine where my body's baseline is?

A: There is really no baseline, the challenges help the coach to determine how reactive the body is so that you can be put on the right program and right dosages. Every body has a unique set of tolerances to stimulation from supplements. Going beyond this stimulatory threshold triggers a stress response from the body. The body’s reactivity is described by the neuroendometabolic (NEM) stress response model, consisting of multiple networks of functional systems.

Different nutrients and supplements affect and stimulate certain organs differently, and therefore have different effects on the networks that form the whole NEM response system. The way and the degree to which reactions are experienced or not experienced in response to the challenges is informative to what parts of the NEM are responding, giving clues to the state of different parts of the body and informing how to best begin the recovery process.

Q: What is chronic fatigue syndrome and do I have to worry about it if I already have Adrenal Fatigue?

A: Chronic fatigue syndrome can appear similar to, but is not the same as Adrenal Fatigue, you need to look at the chronic fatigue facts. Nevertheless, they are connected since both of them are stress related conditions, so it is possible to encounter chronic fatigue syndrome when recovering from Adrenal Fatigue. In this case, the focus should be placed on rebuilding the adrenal glands first to lift the body out of Adrenal Fatigue, and this strengthening process will help with chronic fatigue syndrome and its symptoms. The damage and effects that caused Adrenal Fatigue will also have contributed to the development and onset of chronic fatigue syndrome. Once the body begins its recovery and starts to repair the damage from stress, the symptoms of both Adrenal Fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome will both begin to lessen and allow the body to recover from both conditions. Again, be sure to look at the chronic fatigue facts.

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