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Dandelion Root Tea Benefits in Adrenal Fatigue

What is Dandelion Root?

The dandelion is common enough to be considered a weed, but did you know it has long been known for dandelion root tea benefits to health?Most people think of dandelion as a nuisance weed that ruins the aesthetics of the lawn and are not aware of how dandelion root tea benefits the body. There are hundreds of dandelion species that grow in the cooler regions of the world. This hardy plant rarely grows more than 12 inches in height but it is extremely sturdy. When mature, the dandelion has bright yellow blooms, which open first thing in the morning and close at dusk. The dandelion plant is known for its strong brown roots that are not easy to dislodge. While the dandelion is considered to be a plant without any agricultural benefits, many people do not realize is that the dandelion is loaded with multiple vitamins, minerals, and essential metals. For many years, extracts of the dandelion root have been used not only to add flavor to foods but also used in beverages like coffee, tea, and even wine. It was first noticed by the Europeans that there were dandelion root tea benefits to health from the root extract. Individuals who regularly consumed dandelion beverages rarely developed abdominal problems like constipation, bloating and nausea. Over the years, extracts of the dandelion root have been shown to contain a high concentration of vitamins A, B, C, and D, as well as minerals, such as iron, zinc, and potassium.

The Many Benefits of Dandelion Extract

Today, dandelion root extracts are available in most health food stores and is used to help the following body functions:

  • Rapid healing of wounds
  • Lowering blood sugar
  • Fresh or dried dandelion herbs are also used to stimulate appetite, and improve an upset stomach. The increase in appetite is of particular benefit in people with cancer who have no appetite or who have a chronic illness and do not feel like eating.
  • The roots of the dandelion plant have a mild laxative effect and are used for constipation.
  • Reducing formation of gallstones
  • Decreasing fatty liver
  • Decrease swelling in the body: this is due to its actions as a water pill. This can also help the body get rid of any toxins and lower blood pressure.
  • Individuals with irritable bowel syndrome and gastroparesis may find that dandelion can reduce bloating. There are several formulations of dandelion tea, especially for people with gastroparesis and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Enhance the immune system and prevent infections
  • Preliminary studies indicate that dandelion may help normalize blood sugar levels and lower total cholesterol and triglycerides while raising HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • Dandelion roots have been shown to have very potent antioxidant activities and this is one of the reasons it is used to detoxify the liver and improve kidney function.

One condition where the role of dandelion extracts has not been appreciated is for supporting Adrenal Fatigue recovery. This condition affects thousands of people and there is no specific remedy for it.

What Are the Dandelion Root Tea Benefits for People with Adrenal Fatigue?

Using dandelion root tea benefits your body's production of hormones, helping to offset the drain on resources from Adrenal FatigueEven though there are many therapies for Adrenal Fatigue, not all of them work well, chiefly because they do not all work on the adrenal gland and some do not contain the right ingredients. The one key advantage of dandelion root extracts is that this supplement is loaded with many of the essential minerals, vitamins and trace metals required for optimal adrenal function. The adrenal gland is “the powerhouse” of the body and because it is constantly manufacturing a variety of hormones, there is a need for raw materials to prevent exhaustion of its metabolic supplies. Over the years, the extracts of the dandelion root have been shown to contain vitamins A, B, C, and D, as well as minerals, such as iron, zinc, and potassium; all of which are of supportive importance to the adrenal gland. If the adrenal gland is constantly activated and lacks the optimal vitamins and minerals, its efficiency at making the vital hormones to fight fatigue declines rapidly and can be rewarded by dandelion root tea benefits.

On top of providing your body with vital nutrients, dandelion root is also a great detoxing tool. Detoxification is of vital importance to maintaining a healthy body. As the body is continually exposed to toxins from the environment, it is important to make sure that the liver, your body’s main detoxifying organ, is in optimal shape to handle the workload.

Dandelion root tea benefits by increasing your liver's antioxidant activity, making sure glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, and other hormones involved in the glutathione pathway are functioning properly. This can help boost liver function, and if you are already on glutathione, can really maximize its potential. Dandelion is such a great liver booster that it has even been shown to negate alcohol-induced damage and stress on the liver. Detoxification, when done correctly, can lighten the stress load on your body and adrenals, giving you a better chance of recovery.Dandelion root tea benefits the body greatly.

While taking dandelion extract, one must also eat a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables. Dandelion root extracts do not work immediately but take a few weeks to have maximal benefit. Most people begin to see a reversal in fatigue within a few weeks, and this is sustained as long as one takes the dandelion root extracts.

Potential Side Effects of Dandelion Root

Dandelion root extracts are not for everyone. While in general, most healthy people can take the extracts without harm, the extracts are not meant for children under the age of 16. Furthermore, any individual with kidney, liver or gallbladder problems should first speak to their healthcare provider to make sure that the supplement is safe.

Make sure to ease into dandelion root tea benefits to identify any possible side effects. Talk to our healthcare professional as well.Stomach upset and diarrhea have been reported as side effects of consuming dandelion root. Also, some people are allergic to the plant dandelion and should avoid consuming dandelion extracts. The allergy may present as a swollen face, itching, difficulty breathing, rash or chest discomfort. If these symptoms develop after coming into contact with dandelion, you must seek immediate medical assistance.

If the body is weak, as is often the case in those with Adrenal Fatigue, then detoxification may not be appropriate and dandelion root should be avoided or used with caution. Frequent detoxification of the body can lead to a retoxification reaction and put a tremendous amount of stress on the body as well, especially in advanced stages of Adrenal Fatigue.

How Long Should I Take Dandelion Extracts?

First, dandelion extracts are quite safe and have been consumed by healthy humans for centuries. If you have no other health problems, you can consume dandelion extracts for many years. To support adrenal and liver health, you will need to take dandelion extracts for several months. Recovery from Adrenal Fatigue is not immediate but a gradual process. However, one of the first signs of improvement will be your energy levels. You may start to feel more alert and less tired. As the weeks go by, your cognitive ability may increase and you may feel like doing more physical activity on a daily basis. It is best to take the dandelion extracts at the same time every day, with plenty of fluids.

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Using dandelion root tea benefits your body's production of hormones, helping to offset the drain on resources from Adrenal Fatigue

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