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Blood Sugar Imbalances With AFS

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Dr. Lam: One of the most common symptoms we find that people complain of in adrenal fatigue is the need to eat frequently. They don’t feel good. They feel irritable thirty minutes to two hours after a meal when they’re supposed to feel full. What is this all about Dr. Carrie?

Dr. Carrie: Well, sometimes what they’re feeling is unbalanced blood sugar. Cortisol is very closely related to your metabolism. So, when your cortisol levels drop when you have adrenal fatigue, you’re feeling low, your sugars are also going to go up and down very erratically, causing you to feel really irritated after you eat or after you don’t eat.

Blood Sugar Solutions: Short and Long-Term

Dr. Jeremy: That’s right. So, there’s a short-term solution to this. It’s just eating more frequently, so then you can manually stabilize your blood sugar as your body’s not really able to do it at that point.

Dr. Lam: Well, there’s a problem with that, however.

It is that, while it helps you to stabilize, the more you eat, the more weight you’re going to gain. So, this is undesirable in many situations. So, ultimately, while you are stabilizing the short-term blood sugar to be more in line with your body’s needs and steadier, you really have to use this opportunity again to look at what the body’s trying to tell you.

In this case, it’s trying to tell you to have a stronger or more optimized adrenal function. When it happens, you will automatically have the feedback loops all in place, and it self regulates and you will feel brand new.

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