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Anti-Aging Diet: The Food Pyramid For Longevity

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By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH

This is the world's most advanced Food Pyramid specifically designed as an anti-aging diet. In addition to optimum nutrition for cellular fortification, it curtails sugar imbalance, control oxidative stress, aids in detoxification, and prolong lifespan. It is the best anti-aging diet available, and it has been proven clinically to work.  My thanks to Dorine Tan, RD, MPH, ABAAHP, clinical dietitian for her collaboration in this work.

Anti-aging diet food pyramid

Brief Summary of the Anti-Aging Diet Food Pyramid

  1. Start with 10-12 glasses of room temperature pure filtered water a day. Begin in the morning with 2 glasses of water to purify and hydrate your body from the overnight dehydration. Bring a water bottle around with you during the day, and drink water whenever you feel thirsty.
  2. Your carbohydrates intake should comprise primarily of whole grain cereal, barley, and oats. These are low glycemic index food that converts into sugar once inside your body at a slow and steady pace. Reduce high glycemic carbohydrates intake such as rice, wheat, bread, pasta, and rice which converts into sugar quickly once taken in and cause a rise in blood sugar level. Sustained intake of high glycemic food leads to obesity and adult onset diabetes and is a leading cause of aging. You don't have to avoid all grains, as it is a good source of energy. The key is to take good grains and avoid bad grains. It is important to note that consumption of wheat could lead to additional body stress – one that’s already in a weakened state – for those suffering from AFS. Recovery could be delayed and in later stages of AFS, cause adrenals to crash.
  3. 8-10 portions of vegetables should be taken. Choose above ground green leafy vegetables. Generally speaking, the more colorful the vegetable, the more anti-oxidant is inside and the better it is for you. Avoid vegetables that grow underground such as potato, yam, and carrots because they behave like high glycemic index type carbohydrates and leads to sugar imbalance.
  4. Low glycemic index type fruits should be taken, such as apple or blueberry. Always take whole fruits and avoid fruit juices which are high in sugar and low in fiber.
  5. Legumes, organic eggs, and nuts are excellent source of protein. One to two eggs a day can be taken in without significant rise in blood cholesterol if you are healthy. Nuts and seeds are so important to our every-day diets because they offer fatty acids that are the precursor of cholesterol manufacture, performed by the adrenals glands. Nuts and seeds in their raw form are best, as rancid oils found in processed sources can exacerbate AF and its symptoms.
  6. At least 8 oz of cold water deep sea fish such as salmon or tuna should be taken per week. This will provide the body with the necessary omega 3 fatty acid as well as protein. Stay away from fresh water or costal water fish which can be contaminated. Free range chicken is a good source of protein also and can be taken twice a week.
  7. Red meat such as beef should be restricted to once or twice a week, together with dessert such as ice cream and cakes. Try to take in beef that comes from cattle that are grass fed instead of grain fed in their diet.
  8. Olive or Canola Oil should be used in preparation of food. It contains mono-unsaturated fat. Stay away from polyunsaturated fat that comes after processing, such as corn oil, safflower oil, and sunflower oil. The commercialization processes changes the structure of the fat and makes it harmful for the body. Avoid trans-fat that is found in margarine, cookies, and pastries as much as possible. It is the worse type of fat, much worse than the saturated fat you find in red meat.

How Important is Anti-Aging Diet?

Anti-aging diet can include fishAlthough the removal of stressors is truly the most important part to AFS recovery and prime health, a proper and nutritional diet is also paramount. Our body utilizes what’s called the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) system – comprised of all our organs and organ systems – to protect itself from everyday stresses. This diet can be classified as anti-aging because stress can literally take years off our lives by way of cellular and organ damage. When we supply ourselves the proper nutrients to ensure optimum body function, we enable this system to work as designed so it can protect itself from things such as AFS.

Anti-aging diet

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