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What You Should Know About Hemp Seeds

Hemp Joins the Ranks of Superfoods

Hemp is a great super food and should be part of an adrenal fatigue diet - learn more about hemp seedsThere is much people don't know about hemp seeds, such as that they can be considered a superfood! Superfoods are foods that have a wide range of health benefits beyond their nutritional value. Hemp may well be one of the oldest superfoods known, though it is misunderstood by many in modern culture. As a result it has often been undervalued even though it can actually be a key component of a balanced adrenal fatigue diet.

Seeds come from cannabis plants that contain little or no THC, the compound that causes marijuana users to become high. A 2 tablespoon serving of hemp seeds provides approximately 90 cal, 5 g of protein, and 3 g of carbohydrates, two of which are from fiber. Hemp seeds are sodium free and each serving contains 1 g of saturated fat, with 6 g total fat and no cholesterol. They are also a great source of iron, phosphorus, vitamin E, and magnesium. They also provide calcium and potassium.

Hemp contains adequate amounts of the nine essential amino acids required to be considered a complete protein. This is unusual for plant-based sources of protein, as most contain only a few of the essential amino acids. Hemp also contains methionine and cysteine, amino acids that contain sulfur and are vital to the production of vital enzymes and the detoxification of cells. It is also a good source of other amino acids that are used to maintain muscle tissue.

About hemp seeds - a potent nutritional superfood that can help the body recover when included in an adrenal fatigue dietThere are more superfood facts to know about hemp seeds. Hemp seeds contain an ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. While the World Health Organization recommends people consume approximately four times as much omega-6 as omega-3 fatty acids, the modern diet yields a ratio that is more typically between 20:1 and 50:1. Ratios this high tend to raise the rates of inflammation that can accelerate aging and increase the risk of disease.

Eating Hemp Seeds

The seeds can be eaten raw, sprouted, or ground. They can also be made into milk for drinking or use in recipes, or oil for salad dressing. Note that the oil should not be heated to high temperatures. The flavor is warm and nutty and they go well with either savory or sweet dishes. Try the seeds sprinkled over yogurt or oatmeal, baked into bread, or mixed in with soups, stews, salad, or stir-fry. They can also be used in pesto in place of pine nuts. Ground into powder, hemp seeds are a great addition to smoothies or baked goods.
Hemp seeds have an earthy flavor and texture. Depending on your preference, and how you are using them, this may need to be balanced.

Dr. Lam’s Adrenal Fatigue Diet Perspective About Hemp Seeds

An interested aspect about hemp seeds it their omega-3 content, which is very important to an adrenal fatigue dietHemp seeds can be part of a mixture of seeds used for those doing a comprehensive adrenal fatigue diet. If you are into raw food or are a vegan, it is a good alternative source of protein. Hemp seeds also contain a good amount of magnesium, iron, potassium, Vitamin E, and fiber. Hemp milk has the same health benefits as the seeds from which it is made. One tablespoon of hemp seeds with every meal can boost your energy. Those who are in advance stages of adrenal fatigue need to start with a small dose and see if the body can tolerate it. Ascertaining this tolerance is important to make sure it can help your Adrenal Fatigue recovery program rather than undermine it.

The fragile state of a body experiencing Adrenal Fatigue is a result of it enduring constant stress, activating the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress ResponseSM system. Through the multiple constituent systems of the NEM response, the reaction to stress is body-wide; as a result, the symptoms too encompass nearly every part of the body. In particular, the body’s downregulation of energy expenditure severely slows down the housekeeping tasks of metabolizing and detoxifying metabolic byproducts. This slowdown makes it easier to overload the body with material it may be sensitive or allergic to, triggering chemical or food allergies. These allergic reactions contribute to the stress load the body is already dealing with, worsening symptoms and possibly causing a crash down to even lower levels of function.

Don’t be put off by the possibility of such reactions though; just as important as avoiding foods and compounds that trigger your body’s allergies is the need to consume high quality sources of nutrition to assist the body in rebuilding and recovering from the Adrenal Fatigue state, and in this hemp seeds rank very highly. Thus it makes perfect sense to learn more about hemp seeds and give them a try. Discover for yourself if it can be a potent tool in your Adrenal Fatigue recovery strategy.

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Yes, a vegetarian diet can help. Make sure you also avoid food that can indirectly elevate estrogen levels, such as soy products, cruciferous vegetables, flax, and garbanzos.

It is important to take a prenatal supplement that has folate in it to prevent congenital disabilities of your baby's brain and spinal cord. Also, take enough calcium and magnesium for bone support. DHA from fish oil or omega three is essential for brain development.

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