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Natural sciatica nerve solutions for sciaticaSciatic Nerve pain, also known as sciatica, can cause throbbing pain from the lower spine all the way to the buttocks. If you have sciatica, you may face high levels discomfort. Natural sciatica nerve solutions can help relieve pain without causing any side effects. Moreover, natural remedies are often considered safer and more effective than surgery or anti-inflammatory drugs.

What Is Sciatica Nerve Pain?

The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the body; it runs from your lower back all the way to your feet. Sciatica nerve pain itself is not a condition; this term is used to describe the painful symptoms that occur in your lower back and lower limbs. Sciatica occurs when The sciatic nerve gets pinched which can result which can result in intense pain in the lower back and lower limbs. Many people describe this pain as intolerable.

Bulging spinal discs can press on the nerves causing conditions such as arthritis and bone spurs which can irritate the surrounding nerves. When the space around your spinal cord narrows, it can exert pressure on the adjacent nerve roots causing discomfort and pain.

Other causes of sciatica include:

  • irritation or pressure on sciatic nerves
  • bad posture
  • trauma
  • spinal misalignment
  • bulging discs
  • degeneration of spine or discs or lower back

For people with sciatica, simple activities such as bending to wear your socks or getting up from the chair can cause pain and be stressful. Stress from sciatic pain can make you feel fatigue. Sciatic nerve pain can also indicate symptoms of spinal stenosis. The condition is also closely linked to piriformis syndrome as the piriformis muscle is located nearby the sciatic nerve.

Your body is equipped with a NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response which acts as a natural defensive shield against stress. During stressful situations, the NEM stress response signals your adrenal glands to secrete the anti-stress hormone, cortisol. However, repeated stress overburdens your adrenals lowering cortisol production. This reduces your body’s stress-fighting ability leaving you fatigued. Stressors such as sciatic nerve pain can cause stress on your body triggering symptoms of AFS and further worsen the condition.

Symptoms of Sciatic Nerve Pain

Estimates reveal that one to two percent of people experiences a herniated disc which can further lead to sciatic pain. The condition is more common in men than in women. People over 30 years of age are more likely to develop the pain. Sciatica can affect almost anyone including athletes, people who are physically active, lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Some of the common sciatic nerve pain symptoms include:

Lower back pain and natural sciatica nerve solutions

  • Frequently experiencing sharp and shooting pain in the lower back. The pain can travel down to the buttock, thighs, and feet
  • Pain during sleep
  • Tingling and numbness in lower limbs
  • Stiffness and trouble flexing feet
  • Trouble moving around or exercising
  • Inflammation and throbbing in lower back and thighs when sitting or standing for prolonged time

Depending on the type of damage, sciatic pain can last for up to six weeks. The inflamed bulging tissues do recover with time. In some cases, the pain may subside on its own after a certain period . However, in cases of acute pain, the symptoms may re-emerge. When sciatic pain lasts for more than six weeks, then it is unlikely for the pain to recover without any therapy. Natural sciatica nerve solutions can always be of great help in correcting the problem.

Natural Sciatica Nerve Solutions

Consulting a professional is highly recommended to anyone who thinks they may suffer from sciatica. Know the cause of the problem. Sciatica assessments can be extremely challenging because sciatic nerve pain is difficult to distinguish from arthritis.

Why Go For Natural Sciatic Pain Remedies?

There is strong evidences that less invasive methods than surgery, muscle relaxers, or anti-inflammatory drugs; natural sciatica nerve solutions can be equally effective. Studies reveal that over 60 percent of sciatica patients who failed in medical treatments benefited from natural pain relieving methods. The rate of recovery differs from person to person. People with AFS tend to have a weak body. Natural sciatica nerve solutions can provide relief from pain by improving your spine health without any negative effects. Natural remedies offer little risk of side effects or injury; additionally, they can help with sciatica without all the stress that comes with medication and surgery.

Here are some great natural solutions for sciatic nerve pain:

Chiropractor Spinal Adjustment

Natural Sciatica Nerve Solutions: Chiropractor Spinal AdjustmentRuptured discs can lead to sciatica. The pain may vary depending on the type of disc rupture. In prolapsed disc bulges, the outermost layer of the disc is still intact causing less pain. However, in extrusion disc bulges, the outer spinal disc is more damaged spilling out the tissues. As the problem progresses, the spinal tissues start getting disconnected from the disc while the disc tissue paves the way into the spinal cord. Physical examination by a chiropractor, X-ray, or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) can help to identify sciatic nerve pain and show the damage to the spine. The spine discs can then be realigned to prevent any protrusion into the spinal canal by a chiropractor. A recent study showed that among 102 adults with sciatic nerve pain, people with chiropractic adjustments reported that they had less pain, a faster decrease in its severity, and experienced pain less often than those who didn’t.

If you are in advanced stages of adrenal fatigue, chiropractic adjustments may make matters worse. The adjustments, if major, can shock the system and lead to a crash. It is best to proceed very gently in these cases to ensure the least amount of stress to your body.


This traditional Chinese medicine practice involves opening the natural energy flow of the body for attaining better health. During the process, the body’s specific pathways are targeted using virtually pain-free tiny needles to unblock the energy. Several studies have approved acupuncture as an effective remedy for relieving various conditions of chronic pain including sciatica nerve pain.
As acupuncture opens up the meridian channels of your body, detox may occur. If your body is not strong, this can sometimes lead to a detoxification reaction. Do proceed cautiously if your body is very sensitive or congested.

Massage Therapy

Among all natural sciatica nerve solutions, massage therapy is one of the most soothing. It is a great nonsurgical method to alleviate several types of pain including sciatica. It helps to open up the tissues and muscles, improve blood circulation, open the body’s energy channel, relax the muscles, and boost secretion of endorphins.


Moving and stretching your body can ease pain. Lying down and stretching your spine can dramatically help improve posture, reduce stiffness, pain, and inflammation. Certain yoga moves help correct sciatic nerve pain by targeting the lower back muscles, relaxing stiff areas, and building strength. Exercises for the lower back pain also helps to strengthen the core and as well as aid recovery in sciatic patients post surgery.

A very effective natural sciatica nerve solutions is yoga. Studies suggest yoga as a safe and effective method to alleviate sciatic pain. The reclining pigeon pose targets the piriformis muscle which helps to prevent any pressure or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Consult with your practitioner before starting any yoga. If the poses are done incorrectly, they may exacerbate your symptoms. Also, proceed with extreme caution if you are already low on energy.

Heating Pads

Natural Sciatica Nerve Solutions: Heating PadsApplication of heating pads on the lower back with medium or low setting for about 15 to 20 minutes daily is an excellent way to provide relief. The process can be repeated every three to four hours. Warm water baths can help relax stiff muscles, boost blood circulation, and ease the pain. Some people might find relief by applying cold pack instead.

Avoid Long Sitting Hours

Sitting for long hours such as working the desk or watching TV can worsen your back pain. One of the easiest natural sciatica nerve solutions is moving around. Consider having short walks or lying down in between longer periods of sitting to ease muscle stiffness. Practicing certain yoga moves and stretches can reduce pain and enhance the flexibility of your spine.

Reduce Inflammation

According to estimates, over five to ten percent of people with lower back pain also have sciatica nerve pain. Developing sciatic nerve pain also increases with certain factors such as being tall, obese, high mental stress, long sitting or standing hours, prolonged exposure to vibrations of machines or vehicles. These factors can lead to inflammation and increasing pain, making treatment difficult. Including nutritious a diet can help strengthen your nerves and protect against inflammation.


Some of the biggest reasons for sciatic pain include bad posture, trauma, pressure on the sciatic nerve, inflammation, and herniated spinal discs. It can be effectively corrected with natural sciatica nerve solutions such as chiropractic spinal adjustment, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga and heating pad application.

Natural correcting techniques are a great way to alleviate pain and correct sciatica without the intervention of surgical procedures or medication. Further, several studies have reported natural sciatic pain solutions to be as effective as medication and surgery. Practicing natural methods can help dramatically improve back pain and prevent sciatica symptoms by relaxing the muscles of the lower back, relieving stiffness, and strengthening the spine.

Natural sciatica nerve solutions are also helpful for people with adrenal fatigue syndrome. They have zero side effects, protect from injuries, ensure greater mobility and reduce your level of stress. Make sure to include a nutritious diet, get adequate sleep, and quit tobacco to get relief from sciatic pain.

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Nutrient-rich anti-inflammatory foods can work as great natural sciatic nerve solutions. Consider including plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lentils, whole grains, healthy fats, nuts, and seeds. Spices such as turmeric, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, rosemary, and cayenne are high in anti-inflammatory properties which help fight pain.

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