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Energy Medicine: Correcting Your Energy Flow

bioenergetics and the energy within the human bodyOver the past years, several studies have been conducted by various renowned institutions to discover how energy medicine can help myriad health disorders and diseases.

The human body is a conductor of energy. An electrical network is present within and around the human body made of energy. This energy flows through the body. When there is a disturbance in this flow of energy, then the body can develop illness. Various factors impact your electrical system including the food you eat, the emotions you experience, and more. The energy flow when you are healthy is different than the energy flow when you are ill.

Thus, analyzing and correcting the disturbances in your energy flow through energy medicine could be a key factor in restoring good health.

What is energy medicine?

Energy medicine is a multidisciplinary area of scientific study. It focuses on understanding the transfer of energy in through cells, tissues, and living organisms. The way your body regulates energy flow and transfer has a significant effect on your well-being. The process also converts food into energy, which is directly related to health.

The body relies on hormones such as thyroid, testosterone, progesterone, melatonin, and DHEA to function. Nutrition plays an important role in creating and activating these hormones to ensure the body can do its job.

Besides balanced nutrition, the mind-body balance is equally essential to ensure good health. energy medicine depends on the idea that there is an important connection between the body and mind, and uses research to help explain how the body-mind approach works.

Detoxification is also an important aspect of caring for your energetic field. With time, the gradual accumulation of toxins interrupts healthy body functions. Hence it is vital to detoxify your body as well as your mind to regain good health.

Five areas are especially important for restoring good health:

  • Hormones: Hormonal balance helps proper body function (including thyroid, cortisol, testosterone, and progesterone).
  • Good nutrition: This is best obtained from a plant-based diet, including superfoods, a raw organic diet, intermittent fasting, and fermentation techniques. Nutrition helps to activate hormones.
  • Detoxification: Detox using water, salt, and lemons. Avoid plastics and heavy metals, and reduce EMF exposure.
  • Mind-calming techniques: Sooth yourself through meditation, simplifying life, hypnosis, and guided imagery. Work to understand your conscious and subconscious.
  • Body relaxation techniques: These include yoga, lymphatic drainage, I-Therm therapy, rebounder, craniosacral therapy, and tai chi.

Beliefs Are The Keys To Accelerated Healing

In addition to the above techniques, being aware of your conscious and subconscious beliefs is a key factor in accelerating the healing process. Much of the body’s processes work on a subconscious level. Believing that you can be disease free creates an energy field within your body that dramatically helps in restoring good health.

According to some energy therapies, correcting the energy field and believing in the correction are both equally important. This is because when your subconscious and conscious both believe in the process, it creates an energy field that allows the body to respond readily to care. The flow of energy within the body is balanced, alleviating illness in the process. This corrects the body’s energy field.

Energy Medicine Roots

Energy medicine is known to have both a long history and a basis in quantum physics.

bioenergetics basics Ancient people were very familiar with energy. According to Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, 1937 Nobel Prize winner, “In every culture and every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” Energy healing techniques have been in practice from ancient times. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese were known to use energy techniques for healing, such as using magnetite to provide relief from disease by increasing blood flow. The Bible and other holy texts also describe healing illness through the laying-on of hands.

Reiki is, in fact, a modern version of this ancient healing touch, now practiced in several nursing institutions and hospitals. One study on the effects of therapeutic touch found that people who were given noncontact therapeutic touch had a significant decrease in anxiety over those who received the mimic control intervention.

Studies on the Body’s Electrical Field

In the 20th century, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr from the University of Yale documented what he called the energy field of life or L-Field. He studied the nervous system to document the various energy fields of the body, animals, and trees and used various instruments to measure the electrical field emitted. Documentation of his studies can be found in Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine.

More recent research confirms that every event that occurs in the body, whether it is normal or pathophysiologic, produces changes in the electrical and magnetic field. There is scientific evidence that supports this. For example, in 1939, Burr discovered that ovulation could be detected by measuring the electric field between fingers daily. Then, around 1975 a machine was invented that could measure these electric fields and document ovulation.

A bioenergetics studyIn another study, scientists discovered that conductance at the acupuncture points reflects disease. Those with liver disease showed an 18 times increase in conductance at the knee point. According to research in 1996 by Barbara Brewitt, lung disease reflected a 30% lower conduction rate at the lung point. Another study on cancer during 1986 showed a 6-to-7 times higher conductance at points associated with the illness. Researcher Dr. James Oschman commented, “Bio-energy fields have gone from nonsense and quackery to an important field in biomedical research.”

Where Is the Body’s Energy Field Centered?

Energy flows through the cells of the body, but the center of this electromagnetic field is in your heart. Magnetometers were used to determine the electromagnetic fields emitted by the organs in the body, and the heart was responsible for emitting the largest magnetic field, over 100 times stronger than the field emitted by the brain. ECG and EEG readings found that the heart also emitted the strongest electrical field, 60 times stronger than the brain’s.

There is also evidence that signals originating from the heart are transmitted to the brain. One study found an ECG and EEG synchronization between mother and baby. Though the mother and baby were not in physical contact, researchers were able to detect that when the mother focused her attention on the baby, the mother’s brain waves synchronized with the baby’s heartbeat.

It appears the energy field of the heart extends up to 15 feet from the body in every direction and transmits signals to each cell of the body affecting mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

How the Heart’s Energy Affects the Body

bioenergetics and heart energyThe energy field from the heart is transmitted to the entire body through the extracellular matrix. This is the largest system of the body, and it is the only system that touches all other systems. Also known as the tissue integrity matrix, it is a continuous fibrous network extending to each part of your body. This living matrix is composed of collagen/ground substance.

However, a large portion of the matrix is made of water and electrons. 80% of the human body is composed of water. This makes water as the major mode of communication in the body. Hence water transmits signals faster through the body than the blood vessels or the nervous system.

Studies confirm that when water is exposed to different vibrations and frequencies, the water structure changes. This alteration in water structure is believed to affect cellular communication in the body. Researcher Masaru Emoto studied and photographed ways the structure of water changed when it was exposed to various energies and emotions. His research supports the idea that water is one of the main vehicles for the energy field of the body to transmit information.

Association Between the Heart Field and Health

The electromagnetic field of the heart produces the strongest magnetic and electrical field. The heart generates major energy impulse. This energy is transmitted to the body through blood vessels, nerves, and the tissue matrix.

There are various ways to detect and measure the heart field. These include:

  • Heart rate variability
  • Muscle testing
  • Thermogram
  • SQUID magnetometer
  • On-body biofeedback devices
  • Bio-photon detection devices
  • Bio-resonance devices

Heart Rate Variability:

a study of bioenergetics using heart rate variabilityHeart rate variability is a measure of how regular the heartbeat is. For example, it is possible to have a different interval of time between each beat. This would be an incoherent rhythm. Worry, irritation, anxiety, and frustration can cause incoherence in the heart’s rhythm, which impedes performance. Too much heart variability consumes the body’s reserves of nutrients and hormones.

Care, appreciation, love, and positive emotions, on the other hand, cause a greater coherence in the heart rate variability leading to optimal performance. This form of variability can also be achieved through adrenal breathing and yoga. According to research by the Heart Mapping Institute, coherent heart rate variability can be achieved within 3 to 5 minutes by experiencing oneself in a virtual reality of happiness, joy, and great love. There are numerous benefits of coherent heart rate variability which include:

  • 40% improvement in long-term memory
  • 20% improvement in short-term memory
  • Higher test scores
  • Enhanced learning ability
  • Enhanced self-regulating ability
  • Enhanced focusing ability
  • Faster reaction time
  • Enhanced ability to process information

Factors Affecting Heart Field

When the heart field develops problems, the electrical system of the body becomes imbalanced, ultimately affecting health. Factors that affect the heart field include other electromagnetic fields, substances with electromagnetic qualities, and the electromagnetic field of the earth.

To correct heart field imbalances, the body’s electromagnetic field needs to be corrected through emotions.

The various factors that affect the heart field are:

  • Emotions affecting the heart
  • Water structure
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Animals, plants, and people around us
  • The earth’s field

Emotions and connectivity:

Positive emotions, as discussed in connection with heart rate variability above, are powerful tools for making the heart more coherent, and in turn making the body more healthy. Human connectivity has also been shown to greatly affect the energy field of the human body.

Water structure:

Water and bioenergeticsSince water is the major communication mode for transmitting energy throughout the body, water structure plays a crucial role in balancing the electromagnetic field. The signature frequency of the water varies based on its source, thus changing the overall water structure. The degree of electrical resistivity of water also plays a role. The purer the water, the higher the resistivity.

Electromagnetic radiation:

Every day, we are exposed to electromagnetic radiation emitted from various devices, from your cell phone to the dishwasher and microwave oven. Exposure to radiations is growing with time and poses a serious health threat in today’s world. The American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP) issued specific recommendations to reduce the exposure of children to wireless devices and cell phones. A study conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology program revealed that exposure to wireless radiation significantly increased the chances of brain cancers in rodents.

The body’s energy field can be corrected by the below energy healing methods:

  • Body interventions (such as qigong and grounding)
  • Water with high resistivity
  • Cell phone protection devices
  • Far-infrared therapy, regional hyperthermia
  • Mind-based interventions, (stress reduction self-hypnosis, HeartMath, affirmations)
  • Magnets, microcurrent therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
  • Reiki, healing hands therapy
  • Sound therapy, low-level laser or light therapy
  • Bioresonance therapy and harmonizing devices

Reconnecting With the Earth

The energy field that runs through your body is in its best state when connected to the earth’s natural magnetic field. Being in tune with the natural magnetic field of the earth, the sun, and the trees is healing.

One study revealed several health benefits of reconnecting the body with the electrons of the earth’s surface through earthing or grounding. These benefits include reduced pain, better sleep, more balanced cortisol, and reduced stress. Earthing also reduced blood viscosity and the clumping of cells within two hours of grounding, cutting down the risk of cardiovascular disease. Walking around barefoot, connecting with the earth’s energy, is known to have a remarkable effect on normalizing the body’s energy field.

Another study found that grounding can reduce inflammation and accelerate healing. During the experiment, an 84-year-old diabetic woman with an open wound that hadn’t healed in 8 months was subjected to 30 minutes of grounding daily. Her wound began healing during the first week of grounding, and the pain greatly diminished by the end of the two-week grounding session.

Grounding also helps speed recovery for athletes. For example, one cyclist injured during the Tour De France competition placed grounding patches above and below the injury area. The injury improved within two days with greatly reduced swelling and pain, allowing the athlete to return to the competition.

Grounding helps reduce oxidative stress on the body, which is caused by an excess of molecules known as reactive oxygen species. Reactive oxygen species contain an unpaired electron, causing them to be in a highly reactive state. They are also known as reactive metabolites. Too many of these molecules can trigger inflammation, liver congestion, extracellular matrix pollution, and adrenal crashes. The earth, on the other hand, is a great source of free electrons. Through grounding, the reactive oxygen molecules can receive a paired electron from the earth, thus minimizing reactivity and inflammation.

Benefits of Coherent Heart Rate Variability

There is evidence that a regular heart rate, or coherent heart rate variability, can help conserve the body’s resources and help with various health conditions.

In at least one case, energy therapy has been used to help with weight loss. This appears to work because being overweight, and having associated problems with poor self-image and negative emotions, causes a state of incoherent heart rate variability. In this state, more nutrition and hormones are utilized, leaving the body in a depleted condition. To restore its resources, the body begins conserving nutrients, leading to weight gain. Strenuous exercise drains energy and can further deplete reserves. The solution is to bring the body to a coherent heart rate variability to preserve the body’s resources. To achieve this state, feelings of contentment, internal happiness, and joy need to be created. At this point, the body is operating efficiently and has enough resources to burn excess calories and lose weight.

Having a coherent heart rate variability may also help with stress. Stress is known to be the root cause of several health problems, including the increasingly common Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS). Symptoms include difficulty waking, easily gaining weight around the waist and difficulty losing it, and feeling wired and tired. This condition has a wide range of symptoms due to the action of the body’s self-regulatory system, known as NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response, which involves how several of the body’s main organ systems work together to deal with stress. A major component is the adrenal glands which secrete over 50 hormones including cortisol, a vital anti-stress hormone. With ongoing stress, the adrenal glands can become overburdened and gradually lose hormonal output.

The NEM Stress Response model can help in restoring this system, but it is much more effective coupled with a mind-body approach. Bringing the body to coherent heart rate variability balances the body’s energy levels and restores the healthy functioning of various organs. However, for those with AFS, energy therapy should be carefully supervised. The weaker the person, the higher the risk of negative reactions that can weaken the body and lead to adrenal crashes. Always consider what is best for your body when considering new health protocol, and consult a professional if you have any concerns.


Good nutrition, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices are recommended for good health. In unison with these methods, maintaining a healthy mind-body balance, reconnecting with nature, and considering the lessons of energy therapy can be a powerful healing system. By balancing the body’s energy systems, this is a path towards long-term health and well-being.

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The benefits associated with energy therapy are both emotional and physical. Some of these include reducing stress, helping occasional anxiety, relieving insomnia, reducing muscular pain, enhancing energy, improving relationships, increasing confidence, and reducing obesity.

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